What’s in a Cappuccino?

BY: Groupon Guide |Jul 6, 2015
What’s in a Cappuccino?

There are countless things to do in Indianapolis, whether you’re visiting the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis or cheering for an Andretti at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A surefire way to keep you going, no matter what you’re up to? Grab a hot cappuccino, which just so happens to be the world’s most popular espresso drink. You can find a cup nearly anywhere in the city, whether you’re at old-school Indianapolis Italian restaurants such as Mama Carolla’s or somewhere in the city’s burgeoning coffee scene, like at Bee Roasters Coffee and Tea.

What’s in a cappuccino, exactly?

Beneath a dense cloud of foam, a blend of hot, rich espresso and sweet steamed milk awaits the first sip. Like many coffeehouse drinks, it begins with a shot of espresso and a splash of steamed milk. But in contrast to the latte—which contains more milk than coffee—the traditional Italian cappuccino blends espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk in equal amounts.

Can I personalize it?

There are some slight variations—in a “wet” cappuccino, for instance, steamed milk outweighs the foam, whereas a “dry” cappuccino flips that ratio. Wet or dry, the cappuccino is prepared the same way: after the espresso, the barista will slowly pour in the milk and either spoon foam on top or allow it to naturally rise to the surface.

Is the milk really such a big deal?

Actually, yes. Along with providing the velvety texture, the foamed milk also serves as natural insulation for the warm beverage and is, in fact, what lends the beverage its name. “Cappuccino” derives from the Italian capuchin, referring to an order of monks whose brown habits are said to match the color of the drink.