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A Grown-Ups' Guide to Indoor Trampoline Parks

BY: Aimee Algas Alker | Aug 22, 2018

An indoor trampoline park is a great place for parents to take their kids to blow off some steam and burn some of that boundless energy. But after a visit to Chicago suburban Altitude Trampoline Park, I would argue that it's also a great place for adults to visit.

I went to the park with my preschool daughter and her best friend, thinking I'd just bounce around after them to make sure they were okay. But the safety staff were super attentive and consistent (one rule steadily enforced is that no two people should bounce on the same trampoline at once), and so I let them bounce away while I explored on my own.

What is there to do at a trampoline park for grownups? Two words: SO MUCH.

Try Being a Stunt Person

Most trampolines have an extreme trampoline area, with high-performance trampolines that can bounce jumpers up to 8 feet into the air. At Altitude, I saw a middle-school-aged boy take one leap off one of these trampolines, flip into the air, land on his feet onto a six-foot-high ledge, bounce off that onto another tramp, then flip and land on another, shorter ledge.

I couldn't even bring myself to bounce too hard on the regular trampolines, but if you're into adrenaline rushes, I'd start here. Parks like this one often also have trapezes that drop riders into foam pits, longer tumble-track trampolines for once-gymnasts to practice old tricks, and slanted trampolines that allow you to literally bounce off the walls.

Engage in Friendly Battle

If I were take one of my siblings to visit another indoor trampoline park near me, I'd be sure to find one with tests of agility or endurance like the ones we've seen on our favorite reality competition shows—which offer plenty of opportunities to settle old childhood scores. Many arenas have a battle beam, where we'd bash each other with padded bolts until one of us fell into the pit of foam. Or the wipeout, where we'd bounce on individual tramps to avoid getting taken down by a revolving, rotating arm.

For more traditional competition, we could go one-on-one on the tramp-powered basketball court, where we'd bounce into the air like superheroes as we dunked on each other. Also, from what I could tell, you haven't truly played dodgeball until you've done it with the assist of a trampoline.

Trick Yourself into Working Out

Some trampoline arenas have rock-climbing walls and rolling balance beams, which are sure to give you a good workout.

But most parks are literally wall-to-wall trampolines, so you could just circle the park like I did, bouncing from tramp to tramp to check the whole park out. Bouncing doesn't just require jumping, but it requires control, and I was sore the next day in a way I hadn't been for awhile.





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