Fun Indoor Winter Activities You Can Swap for Summer Activities

BY: Groupon Editors |Oct 16, 2017

Well, so much for summer. And fall. It felt like a minute ago you were out biking through the city, or exploring your favorite hiking trail, or playing beach volleyball. Now, winter's icy grip has put those warm-weather outdoor activities on hold until at least May. So what do you do until then? Easy: you read this list of indoor winter activities to take the place of the outdoor pursuits you love, and let inspiration take over.

Instead of Cycling: Spin Class

Sure, nothing will totally replace the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair on an outdoor ride. But many spin classes feature beat-pumping DJs and software that simulates biking routes from around the world. Not a bad replacement.

Instead of Paintball: Laser Tag

Paintball is fun. You know what's even more fun, though? Not being hit with a paintball. Laser tag lets you strike a futuristic balance between the two while staying protected from the elements. And if you're wondering how you can climb to the top of the leaderboards, check out our guide to winning laser-tag matches.

Instead of Rock Climbing: Bouldering Class

Yep, you rock climb during the winter without having to face the perils of icy footholds and abominable snowmen. Indoor activities like bouldering classes are one of the best ways not only to keep your climbing hobby going in the off-season, but also for staying in shape in general.

Instead of Skydiving: Indoor Skydiving

Skydiving on a list of winter activities? Believe it. At places like Chicago's iFly and San Diego's Skydive Perris, you can try the winter-friendly version of jumping out of an airplane. (Not near an indoor-skydiving facility? Check here for deals on the outdoor, warm-weather version near you here.) How's it work, you ask? After stepping into a flight cylinder, you'll be lifted off the ground by giant fans whipping air upward. As you hover, you'll feel as though you're weightless and plummeting downward, just like the real thing.

Instead of Playground Basketball: Trampoline Park

Even if you're a regular playground hooper, chances are you still can't dunk (and—sorry to be the ones to break it to you—probably will never be able to). Take out some of that frustration on a rim you can dunk on: one inside a massive indoor trampoline park. While you're throwing down windmills or playing trampoline dodgeball, you'll be burning calories and getting a killer lower-body workout, too.

Instead of Go-Karting: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Yes, you'll need a Nintendo Switch console to play this particular version (We've got deals for that, too, in case you're looking.), but let's be real: any version of the classic karting game will more than suffice. After a round of competitive banana-peel hurling and heated arguments over who gets to be Yoshi, you'll hardly remember that it's freezing outside.

Instead of the Beach: Indoor-Waterpark Trip

The beach's warm, snooze-inducing sunshine and refreshing, salty breezes are great. But you know what the beach doesn't have? Waterslides. And lazy rivers. And a bar.

Instead of Golfing: Golf-Simulator Party

No fixing divots. No waiting for a slow group ahead of you. No playing the same local course you've played dozens of times before. Golf simulators let you and your friends tee off on virtual courses—some locations even offer digital replicas of famous PGA courses around the world—and keep your game sharp during wintry weather. And the best part? You won't need to go fetch any balls you shanked.

Instead of Not Bowling: Bowling

While we wouldn't hesitate to roll a few frames during the summer, bowling is arguably the king of winter sports (that are played indoors, of course). Plus, it's impossible to frown when you hit the pin pocket just right and create a beautiful soundscape of clanging, bouncing pins.