5 Songs to Play During Your Next Car Wash

BY: Peter Hopkins |Jul 7, 2015
5 Songs to Play During Your Next Car Wash

No offense to Rose Royce and their classic summer jam, but anyone can play “Car Wash” when they’re getting their car cleaned. When you pull up to a Las Vegas car wash, a carefully curated, custom playlist can turn your ride’s bathtime into a party. You’ll need songs that not only match the rhythmic chamois wipes and blasts of water, but also get you pumped for the subsequent drive down the Las Vegas strip in your squeaky-clean car. Sync up these tracks with each vehicle-cleansing treatment for the ultimate wash experience.

Hand Wash

C & C Music Factory, “Just A Touch Of Love (Everyday)” 
When you want your vehicle treated with care, you don’t go to just any Las Vegas car service. A gentle hand wash is best done at an auto spa, such as KT’s Car Spa, where the detailers treat your car with the same care you would. This C & C Music Factory track will help you stay relaxed while the detailing crew attends to your ride.

Automatic Wash

Celine Dion, “All By Myself” 
Whether you drive your car through the traditional gamut of brushes and jets or a touchless system, such as Bubbles Auto Spa’s LaserWash 360, an automatic wash is a lonely ride. Set the mood for your solo trip through the tunnel of suds with Celine Dion’s immortal cover of Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself.” When you emerge from the other side, your car’s shine will be matched only by the shimmering tears in your eyes.

Interior Detailing

Average White Band, “Pick Up The Pieces” 
It can be a little embarrassing to have someone clean the inside of your car; it’s a personal space filled with your personal mess. Las Vegas auto professionals don’t judge, though, and this funk classic will put you in an unflappably good mood while they pick up the pieces scattered across your vehicle’s floor.

Headlight Restoration

Bruce Springsteen, “Blinded By The Light” 
Don’t take this pick too literally—staring into your car’s headlights can cause eye damage. Rather, close your eyes and envision those freshly polished headlights dominating the strip’s neon blur when Springsteen belts the refrain.

Engine-Bay Cleaning

Wilson Pickett, “Get Me Back On Time, Engine Number 9” 
Thanks to desert dust that accumulates in crevices and can coat engines in layers of grime, cars in Las Vegas have it pretty rough. A thorough engine-bay cleaning will keep everything under the hood looking great, though, and this urgent jam by Wilson Pickett puts you in the mood to cruise with that shiny-new engine (even though Pickett’s probably singing about a train).