Make Your Next Las Vegas Facial European

BY: Groupon Editors |Feb 23, 2016

Make Your Next Las Vegas Facial European

Combining sightseeing on the Strip in the blazing heat of day with casino sessions late into the night can take a toll on your skin, making a spa trip an important part of any Las Vegas vacation itinerary. Fortunately, Las Vegas facial services abound with treatments to get your skin looking radiant again. Many Las Vegas hotels offer facial services onsite: the Reliquary Spa at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas offers a facial massage designed to relieve the sinus pressure that often plagues travelers, and Glow at the Tropicana Las Vegas refreshes skin by combining fruit acids with a blast of pure oxygen. 

But if you’re overwhelmed by a spa’s sheer number of choices, go for a European facial. The treatment can be adapted to address a variety of skin types and conditions, so you’ll get a personalized experience. Learn what to expect from the classic facial treatment with this introduction to the European facial:

What exactly is so “European” about the European facial?

Consider Europe’s wealth of diversity: natives of nearly 50 independent countries speak hundreds of languages and dialects. The European facial shares the inclusive spirit of its namesake, adapting to address skin conditions that range from acne and age spots to redness and dry skin.

What’s included in the treatment?

Almost all European facials include five basic steps:

  1. Cleansing to remove dirt, leftover makeup, and other impurities
  2. Steaming to open up the pores
  3. Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells
  4. Extractions to clear the pores
  5. A mask or lotion to leave skin hydrated

Katie O’Reilly, the associate editor of DaySpa magazine, believes in the benefits of these extra steps. Afterward, she says, “Your skin is just going to be healthier and more protected than it was beforehand.”

How is it customized for my skin?

Of all the steps in a European facial, exfoliation and extraction prove the most crucial—and the most variable. “Find out what kind of exfoliants work best for your skin,” O’Reilly advises, noting that some skin types respond best to glycolic-acid peels and others take more readily to a milder fruit-enzyme scrub. She likens extractions—the act of removing blackheads and small pimples—to “going to the dentist for your face,” though some aestheticians consider this step too invasive and opt against it. It may come in one of many forms, but a monthly or seasonal facial always presents a valuable opportunity to confer with an expert about your skin’s overall health.