The Five Most Decadent Seafood Dishes in the Desert

BY: Randall Colburn |Jul 7, 2015
The Five Most Decadent Seafood Dishes in the Desert

Las Vegas’s reputation for sin and excess extends to its culinary scene, where celebrity chefs from around the world flock to indulge their most decadent whims. Las Vegas seafood restaurants, especially, are known to serve dishes every bit as glitzy as the Strip itself, and we’ve compiled some of the best ones right here. These are the dishes you’ll recount to your friends, wax poetic about in your memoirs, and try (and fail) to recreate. You’ll want to tuck that napkin into your collar right about now.

1. Lobster Cheese Fries at Lobster ME

So simple, yet so rich. The chefs at Lobster ME pile poached lobster meat and piping-hot cheese curds atop a bed of crispy fries. As if that weren’t enough, they smother the whole thing in a sumptuous shower of lobster bisque. Carnival food, elevated.

2. The Sterling Brunch at BLT Steak

Succulent, butter-kissed lobster tails wag in every direction at the high-end Sterling Brunch, an exercise in culinary opulence that many consider the best buffet in Las Vegas. Every Sunday, tables piled with caviar, crab legs, sushi, and freshly shucked oysters tempt high rollers as they clink flutes of sparkling champagne.

3. Shellfish Tasting at Michael Mina

Sure, it’s for “sharing,” but if you’ve grown bored with the belt you’re currently wearing, break it with this sampling of shellfish. Tender Maine lobster headlines, with spiced prawns, kusshi oysters, and a coconut ceviche supporting. Rounding it out is a decadent crab salad, though you’d be forgiven for brushing the “salad” part aside for the crab.

4. Seafood Pasta at Biscayne

A rich, sumptuous toasted-walnut cream ties together the medley of fresh seafood you’ll find in Biscayne’s signature pasta. Lobster, shrimp, scallops, and clams satiate your cravings, but it’s the halibut you’ll be dreaming about as you hit the slots that night.

5. Hand-Chopped Tuna Burger at Todd English P.U.B.

Ahi tuna, cooked to perfection, anchors this handful of a burger, which also features creamy avocado and a flavorful black-bean puree. Napkins will be necessary for the wasabi aioli, though nobody would judge you for licking it from your fingers.