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Los Campesinos! Make Sad Sound Happy at The Metro

BY: Roy Ivy | Jan 2, 2014
Los Campesinos! Make Sad Sound Happy at The Metrolos-campesinos-make-sad-sound-happy-at-the-metro_600c385 Yeah, they’re smart alecks. But sometimes smart alecks have a way of getting under your skin. And if they sound like somebody shoved your entire CD collection into your ears, it’s because they’ve got the chops to pack a weekend of sounds into one song. Welsh six-piece Los Campesinos! has a penchant for making dark jokes out of album names (Romance is Boring, Sticking Fingers into Sockets) and song titles (“We Are All Accelerated Readers,” “Baby, I’ve Got the Death Rattle”), but they’re not kidding around when it comes to songcraft. The band’s latest album, No Blues, finds them kicking mud in the eye of anyone who ever called them “twee.” Its muscular songs walk the tightrope between dreamy orchestral soundscapes and full-bore fuzzy chaos before simply setting that tightrope on fire. Singer Gareth Paisey’s lyrics are worthy of a suicide hotline, and one gets the impression that he was born scoring his own umbilical cord after being jilted by a midwife. In any case, the tunes are wild and anthemic. They sound like someone who just broke up with you and hired a cheerleading squad to tell you about it. (The Metro, 3730 N. Clark St. Saturday, January 25, 8 p.m., doors at 7 p.m. Tickets: $22.50.) Listen to single “Avocado Baby” from the band’s latest record, No Blues: Photo: Jon Bergman