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Short vs Long Hair: Which Is Easier to Style/Maintain?

BY: Editors | Nov 14, 2018

Which hair length requires the most effort to style and maintain—short, medium, or long? It's obvious, you think! But you may be surprised to find out that others feel completely differently, and they feel just as strongly as you do.

We took this surprisingly divisive question to Facebook and asked our customers which was the most high-maintenance hair. See the post and the full discussion here or browse some of our highlights below:

The winner: long hair, by one vote

  1. Long hair: 7 votes
  2. Short hair: 6 votes
  3. Medium hair: 5 votes

It seems people were much more divided than we even suspected.

Long, curly hair specifically seemed to be a time-suck.

I have thick, curly, long hair. We get charged extra at salons. It takes three hours under a hair dryer or an hour to get hair blow-dried by a professional. Though you can pull back long hair in a ponytail ... do it too often and your hair breaks off. – Monique Mercer Long.

Long, curly hair, and I stopped using the flat iron cause it was ruining my hair. So now with the heat, I just put [in] a defrizzee and go. – Anna Kelley

Long, curly hair and the need to straighten. – Martha Reyna Moya

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Others argued that short hair needs frequent cuts and can't just be tossed into a pony or bun.

Short! Agree that to maintain "the look," it must be trimmed often and primped with to get it just right. Not that medium and long doesn't need attention, but throwing hair in a bun or ponytail is easy and always looks divine. – Donna Mertrud-Skettini

Short. I've had both very short hair and hair down to my waist, and now it's past my shoulders. The hassle with short hair is that, if the styling doesn't come out right, there's nothing for it but to get it wet again and start all over. – Jan Schuffman

Short—have to maintain style and cut, otherwise it's a mess! – Liz McPhail

Short. It requires constant maintenance so it does not look a hot mess. – Rachelle Evans

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The rest argued that an in-between length was the least low-maintenance hair of all.

Medium because it's too short to put up, too long to try and curl, too heavy to wear down in hot weather, and even harder to style. – Kathy Henry

Medium. Can't pull in ponytail. – Jan Ingram

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What do YOU think? Add your voice to this debate below!





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