10 Things to Know About the Best Mexican Restaurant in Minneapolis

BY: Mae Rice |Jul 8, 2015
10 Things to Know About the Best Mexican Restaurant in Minneapolis

If you were handing out superlatives for Minneapolis Mexican restaurants, Little Tijuana's might win "Most Nocturnal." Since 1964, the staff here has specialized in serving sizzling Mexican classics until well past midnight. However, “Most Nocturnal” isn’t the only title this spot deserves—the Mexican mainstay might also be one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis, depending on how you feel about burritos. Below, we rounded up 10 reasons why you should visit.

1. It’s open until 2 a.m., 365 days a year (and 366 days a leap year). You have no good reason to ever stop eating tacos.

2. If you’re ordering tacos here, you have 32 options. Hard or soft shell? Flour or corn tortillas? Once you get past the simple binaries, you also have to choose from eight fillings, which run the gamut from deep-fried fish to shredded pork.

3. The bartenders can make your drink fruity, salty, or simple. The margaritas come in salt-rimmed and fruity varieties, but no pressure. There are also daiquiris and classic cans of Tecate.

4. The cooks don’t shy away from American food. Instead, they serve 14 styles of juicy, charbroiled burgers. Our favorites include the mushroom swiss burger and the marinara-smothered pizza burger, both of which come with heaping sides of waffle fries.

5. They’re flexible about Mexican food, too. The chefs recently added steak to the menu at diners’ request.

6. It’s kid-friendly. Kids can create crayon art on butcher paper during dinner, and chow down on kid-size sundaes for dessert.

7. It’s Dirty Dancing fan-friendly. A pop-art-style mural of Patrick Swayze, the world’s most fatherly dancer, adorns one wall.

8. A real(ly quirky) person runs their Facebook page. Trust us, it's worth a like. Not only does this person have encyclopedic knowledge of taco and nacho puns, but they also once wrote the phrase, “Come help us father a margarita!!!!” We need to shake this person’s hand.

9. You can watch some great TV there. The house televisions show the most buzz-worthy basketball games, but staffers knows that not every compelling TV drama involves 7-foot-tall men and dunk-centric conflicts. That’s why they also show cult hits like Archer and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

10. There’s a chocolate chimichanga. That’s a chocolate bar wrapped in two flour tortillas, deep fried, and topped with vanilla ice cream drizzled in caramel sauce. If they’re looking for a new name for the dish, we suggest “candy bar, chimichanga, and ice-cream sundae, all at once, no, seriously.”