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Our Top Mother’s Day Ideas, with a Little Help from Marie Osmond

BY: Editors | Apr 28, 2015

Our Top Mother’s Day Ideas, with a Little Help from Marie Osmond

What are the all-time best ways to show your mom how you feel on Mother’s Day? We asked singer Marie Osmond—mother of eight, grandmother of one, and co-founder of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals—to help us weigh in on a few traditional (and non-traditional) Mother’s Day ideas. Our not-so-secret objective: to craft the perfect Mother’s Day.

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Osmond has nothing but love for breakfast-in-bed, reminiscing about the french toast of past Mother’s Days: “[The kids] make it downstairs for me and bring it up on a tray. It’s very sweet—there are always flowers on the tray.” 

But in the end, french toast and flowers can’t compete with the possibility of sleeping in for an hour or two. “Brunch, definitely. I’d rather sleep in. Or how about brunch in bed? That would be perfect!”

WINNER: Brunch

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Logistics inform Osmond’s preference of bouquets over botanical gardens. “Taking my big family to a botanical garden? I have eight kids, some of them with spouses. Why do you think I like Groupon?” 

As for the bouquet itself, Osmond has one suggestion. “My children know that I love roses. I guess what’s notable, when it comes to me, is that these roses aren’t paper!”

WINNER: Bouquet of Flowers

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Osmond holds a special place in her heart for handmade, kid-made gifts, citing everything from photo albums and painted picture frames to handcrafted mugs. “As a mother, I think you love whatever your children give you from their hearts.” 

But two specific pieces of jewelry made the list, and they weren’t from the kids. One year, Osmond received the first necklace and pair of earrings her father had ever given her mother. 

“I sewed [the jewelry] onto a scrapbook quilt that I made of my mother’s life”—itself a fitting tribute to motherhood.

WINNER: Tie—as long as the gift is given from the heart.

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Trick question! Whether you’re giving back to your local community or contributing to global initiatives, you’re doing Mom proud. 

And for parents thinking of starting their own charitable Mother’s Day tradition, Osmond adds: “Giving back as a family teaches your children the impact they have in their community. Cleaning a local park, visiting a retirement home, even hosting a block party to raise money for your favorite charity are all great ways for busy families to come together and give back. [And] as your child gives back, their self-worth grows and they learn that they can make a difference in their world.”

WINNER: Giving Back Locally (and Globally)

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As a mother of eight children, this choice is a no-brainer for Osmond. “There is nothing like coming home to a clean house. For me, that’s the best de-stressor there is in the world. [So] definitely maid service. No question. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!”

WINNER: Cleaning Service for a Week

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“That’s difficult, because I love both. Can I go to a symphony in an exotic place?”


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“I think I’d like to dream about all those gifts in my sleep. May I have that, please?”

WINNER: Sleep. Always Sleep.

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