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Six Mother’s Day Poems to Include with Your Gifts for Mom

BY: Editors | Jul 17, 2018

Nothing makes a Mother's Day gift feel extra special like including a Mother's Day Poem along with it. Of course, penning your own poem can be a bit intimidating, especially if you're not a natural wordsmith. Lucky for you, our editors are up for the challenge. Below, you'll find six poems for Mother's Day, pre-written and ready to make mom feel all warm and fuzzy. All you need to do is pick a poem that matches your gift, print it out, and present it along with her card or wrapped present. Then get ready for the biggest hug of your life.

If You're Buying Mom: Sweets and Chocolates

One million kisses
One million hugs
One million cookies
One mom I love

~ Rory C.

When I was younger, you always walked in front of me and set a strong example
Now that I am older, I still look to you as an example in everything I do
And just like you've never judged me, I'll happily look away as you eat this entire box of chocolates

I love you, Mom

~ Andrew G.

If You're Buying Mom: Jewelry

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend
But I will argue to the end
That Mom, you're my best friend
Still, for this day a pretty bauble I send
And I hope you also like this rhyme I have penned

~ Anonymous

If You're Buying Mom: Flowers

Flowers are red,
Some are quite blue,
I can't afford any,*
Happy Mother's Day to you!

*without a Groupon

~ Jason F.

If You're Buying Mom: Massage and Spa Gifts

This massage has been
brought to you by
all the times
I was
a pain in the neck
and lower back
and deltoid
and everywhere really.
Thank you, Mom!

~ Shaun C.

If You're Buying Mom: Activities and Experiences

Think we can't come up with Mother's Day poems about BYOB art classes and trips to the zoo? Well, you were right. But we can express our remorse for being a pain and our gratitude for Mom's patience—and we can do our best to offset the frustrating experiences with more pleasant things to do.

Dearest Mother,

I'm sorry for all the snarky things I said as a teen.
Who knew that a child could be so mean?

I'm sorry for all the times I stayed out too late,
And made you worry that jail was my fate.

I never cleaned my bedroom,
nor would I eat a legume,
and I managed to break your favorite heirloom.

But you somehow stuck by me,
And did it for free,
Proving you're the sweetest mom that there could ever be.

~ Anonymous