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Mr. Science Called. He Wants His Party Trick Back.

Dec 31, 2013
Mr. Science Called. He Wants His Party Trick Back.You can’t deny science. Though science can ruin a perfectly good drink with these four party tricks. 1. OPEN A CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE WITH AN IPAD How it’s done: Remove the wire guard from the top of a chilled bottle of champagne. Hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle, with the seam-side up. In one fluid motion, run the iPad’s edge along the seam all the way through the lip. The cork—and entire top of the bottle—should break off cleanly. Let some of the bubbles run out, taking any shards of glass with it, before pouring a flute and toasting Steve Jobs for his $500 corkscrew. Why it works: Every chain has a weak link. Every rose a thorn. 2. INSTANTLY FREEZE A BEER How it works: Stick a beer in the freezer for around two hours. Remove it, noticing the cold fluid inside still freely moving. Pop the top off and slam the bottle into the table. A slow, frozen avalanche will cascade through the bottle, from top to bottom. Why it works: Super-cooling. The beer is below its freezing point inside the freezer, but does not react until disturbed. 3. POUR WINE INTO AN UPSIDE-DOWN GLASS How it works: Light a tea candle, place it in the middle of a plate. Spill some wine into the plate. Cover the candle with a wine glass, and watch the wine fill the glass. Pretend you are in a fancy French restaurant or a seventh-grade science lab. Why it works: The principle of a vacuum. 4. HAVE WHISKEY AND WATER SWITCH PLACES The Whisky Water Trick from Casey Neistat on Vimeo. How it works: Fill a small tumbler each with water and whiskey. Place a playing card on top of the water. Carefully flip the water glass (and card) onto the whiskey glass. Slowly slide the card from between the two glasses, watching the whiskey rise to the top of the water glass. Why it works: Alcohol is lighter than water, so it will float to the top of the glass.