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7 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas & How to Keep Them

BY: Editors | Nov 20, 2017

Every year it's the same thing. We wake up with a groggy NYE hangover and make some spur-of-the-moment resolution to drink less and work out more. But once the headache is gone, all you're left with is some half-baked resolution and no practical ways to actually do it. So instead of just giving you a list of nebulous, lofty goals, we've given you this: a list of New Year's resolutions and real, interesting ways you can get them done.


Resolution #1: Get in shape (and have fun doing it).

You know that feeling of hitting a new gym at the beginning of the year? Being energized by a new space and a new routine is great … until that gets old in February. With these fun fitness activities, it'll be easier to actually stick to your workout routine.

How to Keep It:


Resolution #2: Eat healthier.

Dieting is not easy. Avoiding the foods you love is hard enough. So is giving up the convenience of fast food and drive-throughs. Then there's the matter of having to cook things yourself. But with these options, starting out on a healthy-eating regimen might actually be enjoyable. Maybe.

How to Keep It:


Resolution #3: Go somewhere you've never been.

Lots of people write "travel more" on their list of New Year's resolution ideas, but since that's such a vague and ambitious goal, it's tough to accomplish. Instead, focus it a little: just go somewhere you've never been before, even if it's not that far away.

How to Keep It:


Resolution #4: Conquer a fear.

This one: oof. There's a reason it usually doesn't make lists of the top New Year's resolutions, and that reason is scary things are scary. But you can do it! Overcoming a fear—large or small—is one of the most empowering things any of us can do.

How to Keep It:


Resolution #5: Start a new hobby.

The important thing here is to find something you'll actually want to do, not something you'll feel like you need to do. You know you're tired of trying to make yourself enjoy scrapbooking, anyway.

How to Keep It:


Resolution #6: Be more cultured.

Learning shouldn't end when school does. Getting yourself out there and in front of new ideas, voices, and opinions is one of the most enriching things you can do. And it's awkward pretending you know what book people are talking about at a party.

How to Keep It:


Resolution #7: Learn a new language.

Will you ever really need to learn a new language? Probably not. But still, learning to communicate in something other than English is equal parts humbling, rewarding, challenging, and fun. Plus, you'll finally figure out what gesundheit actually means.

How to Keep It:


Tired of resolutions? We’ve got the answer for you: the anti-resolution.

The best part about those resolutions you made? Breaking them! That’s right, we’re giving you a free pass here because rewarding yourself here and there for your dedication is important and, yes, healthy. Donna Meagle said it best: Treat. Yo'. Self.