Guide to Pajamas for Women, Men and Families

BY: Andy Seifert |Oct 31, 2018

Missing that perfect pair of pajamas to slip into on a cold night? Or searching for cute matching family pajama sets for the holidays? You're in the right place. Check out our guide to pajamas, (AKA, the best sleepwear of all time).

If you're searching for pajamas for women, men, or your entire family, then you've come to the right place. We'll show you all your options, from the quintessential "footie" to cheesy fun family holiday pajama sets. Scroll down to see each kind of pajama, or start shopping for pajamas for womenmen, or kids.

(Hot tip: to see a cute dog wearing pajamas, scroll to the bottom.)

Matching Pajama Sets

When do you know if you consider someone "special"? When you ask them to wear a matching set of pajamas every night. You'll find complementary pairs of PJs in all sort of silly themes, from your favorite movie to the quintessential flannel look. 

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Holiday Pajama Sets

With the holidays comes cooler temperatures and the desire to show some semblance of family togetherness. Everyone from the kids to grandpa can warm up by the fire while wearing a set of holiday family pajamas. This is a such a popular subset of matching pajama sets, we had to give it its own category.

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Blanket Sleeper

Also known as a "footie," these one-piece pajamas are essential for long winters. You just climb inside, zip up, and then bask in the warmth of its comfy (usually polyester) fabric. It's kind of like walking around wearing a blanket in the shape of your own body.

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Pajama Pants

The right pair of pajama pants allows for maximum versality in your nighttime apparel—for a super-casual, less-showy look, opt to pair those pants with random T-shirt or sweater.

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Pajama Shorts

Summertime doesn't mean you have to ditch the PJs. When it starts to get warmer and the fireplace is replaced by the air conditioner, just switch to pajama shorts, which'll keep your nightwear attire light and breezy.

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Men's Pajamas

Men's pajamas aren't necessarily all that dissimilar from women's pajamas; in particular, a pair of flannel pajama pants is a popular look for dudes. But you shouldn't feel restricted when it comes to men's styles—they run the gamut from full-body sleepers to superhero-themed pants.

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Full-Body Costume Pajamas

If you're gonna dress up for Halloween or some other costume party, you may as well be comfortable, right? Enter full-body costume pajamas, which mean you can dress up as anything ranging from a panda bear to your favorite cartoon characters. After the party, you can go straight to bed!

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Baby & Kids Pajamas

You can't get much cuter than a baby wearing pajamas. And thankfully, there are hundreds of tiny, adorable PJs to choose from, especially full-body blanket sleepers. For slightly older kids, you'll find a number of options, many emblazoned with their favorite fictional characters or current obsessions.

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Dog Pajamas

Ok, we were wrong before—you can get a little bit cuter than a baby in some pajamas. You can dress up your pup in some pajamas! Just look at that dog! Aren't you a good puppy? Yes, you are!

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