“Paris Street; Rainy Day”? Sounds Like a Party!

BY: Amelia Buzzell |Jul 2, 2014
“Paris Street; Rainy Day”? Sounds Like a Party!After a painstaking restoration removed decades of yellowed varnish, Gustave Caillebotte’s “Paris Street; Rainy Day” was at last re-hung in the Art Institute of Chicago this past May. Even though the restoration uncovered brighter tones within the painting, the muted color scheme still stands out in a room filled with color-saturated works by Renoir and Monet. The next time it rains, invite friends to cozy up around a table set with pieces inspired by Caillebotte’s masterpiece. paris-street-rainy-day-sounds-like-a-party_600c450 A pebble placemat evokes Paris’s cobblestone streets, while the painting’s gray umbrellas are represented in tiny parasols perfect for drink garnishes or cupcake toppers. Mugs with visible brushstrokes give a nod to the painting itself, and their soft yellow hue—along with the teal plates and earth-tone vase—mimic the color palette of the Place de Dublin’s Second Empire architecture. paris-street-rainy-day-sounds-like-a-party-600c490 1. Gray umbrella cupcake topper; marticesupplies on Etsy ($4.19 for 10) 2. Brushstroke mug; Leif ($26) 3. Oval blue-green dinner plate; CB2 ($8.95) 4. Pebble sink mat; World Market ($6.99+; used as placemat) 5. Vintage coral pottery vase; Urban Outfitters ($69)