Make the Most of Your Next Phoenix Car Wash

BY: Groupon Guide |Jul 10, 2015
Make the Most of Your Next Phoenix Car Wash

By almost any metric, Phoenix is the hottest major city in America. Number of days a year over 99 degrees F? One hundred and seven. Number of days a year over 49 degrees F? Three hundred and sixty-five! Daily highs can reach 106 degrees F during the dog days of Phoenix’s five-month summer, and humans aren’t the only ones who feel it. The unforgiving temperatures and harsh sunlight can also take a toll on vehicles. It’s a good thing, then, that a typical Phoenix car wash provides everything you need to protect your ride year-round. If you really want your car to look its best, just follow these simple tips.

Find Some Shade

More so than the heat, the Phoenix sun hammers cars with an average of 211 days of sunlight every year. When washing a car, the surface of the car needs to be cool. If it’s hot from the sun, soap suds will dry too quickly, leaving the paint stained and undoing all the work you’ve done.

Go the Extra Mile

Your best option is probably to hire a Phoenix auto-detailing service, but if you’re going it alone, make sure to consider the details when caring for your ride. Clean under wiper blades, where dust and sand can accumulate and eventually scratch windshields if left untouched. Also, use separate cloths or mitts to wash the body of the car and the wheels.


We’re not talking about hula dancers and air fresheners, though those are more than welcome. Think more along the line of car covers and windshield shades. Unless you have a pet cloud that follows you around every day, the sun will cause interior surfaces to crack and wear down over time. A car cover and windshield shade can extend the life of an auto interior.

Don’t Forget Your Coat (of Wax)

The heat, the sun, and the conditions along dusty roads conspire to eat away at paint jobs. Regular coats of wax are the most effective and efficient defense to preserve paint jobs. A new coat of wax every season should be enough to protect exteriors from oxidation and fading.