Three Photo Booth Themes You Haven't Thought Of

BY: Shannon Grilli |Nov 2, 2017

Photo booths have been all the rage for a few years now, and it seems the trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But while we still love taking goofy, themed photos with our friends, we're starting to get a little sick of fake mustaches, silly sunglasses, and anything that can rightfully be referred to as "Gatsby-esque".

To help keep the trend fresh, we brainstormed three new themes for your party or wedding photo booth. Best of all, they work whether you're looking to build a DIY booth from scratch, or are just looking for a few new props to add to the package included with your photo booth rental. Prefer the traditional paper props? Explore our photo booth prop kits.

Harry Potter

By now, everyone you know has taken that sorting hat quiz (spoiler: everybody is in Hufflepuff), so why not let them show off their house pride in your photo booth? Small props like wands, house banners, and a golden snitch give your guests something to play with. If you really want to go all out, splurge on house robes and encourage everyone to pose for a class photo.

  1. Harry Potter frames ($17)
  2. Gryffindor Tie ($4.49)
  3. Golden snitch fidget spinner ($11)
  4. Harry Potter house banners decorative flags ($11.99)
  5. Harry Potter glowing magic wand with sound ($5.46)
  6. Adult/child Harry Potter Gryffindor robe (from $12.14)
  7. Gold foil fringe tinsel curtain ($12.99)

Under the Sea

This photo booth theme takes inspiration from those "Under the Sea" prom pics from your parents' past. Use a seascape-print shower curtain as a backdrop, or go really fancy and purchase a few yards of sequin fabric in an ocean-blue hue, then encourage everyone to don their very best mermaid wig or captain's hat. A child's fishing pole game also provides tons of adorable sea creatures to use as props.

  1. Women's long, wavy wig ($9.09)
  2. Cartoon animal swimming cap ($7.99)
  3. Captain's yacht hat ($19.99)
  4. Friendly shark ride-on float pool toy ($8.97)
  5. Knitted mermaid tail blanket ($13.70)

Not pictured: Tropical sea fabric shower curtain ($24.41); Kids' fishing rod and bath toy set (from $6.99)

Space Adventures

A starry nightscape makes the perfect backdrop for all types of photos, and is easy to recreate using a black sheet and a kids' night lite projector. If you want something a little more low-tech, star-spangled balloons and half-moon string lights provide the effect just as well. Some repurposed Halloween masks, helmets, and ray guns provide all your guests need to stage an extraterrestrial battle.

  1. Rotating cosmos star projector ($11.99)
  2. Inflatable Earth globe ($34.99)
  3. LED light-up balloons (from $8.99)
  4. Astronaut helmet ($29.30)
  5. Water squirt gun shooters ($8.99)
  6. Tentacle beanie (from $9.99)
  7. LED battery-operated moon string lights ($3.99)