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A Guide to Picking Flowers for All Occasions

May 23, 2018



Let's be honest with ourselves, no one dislikes receiving flowers. They're pretty, they smell good, and you get to use the only vase in your cabinet that otherwise collects dust. But giving the flowers? It can get pretty tricky. Slip up and the next thing you know you're getting a call from mom asking why you gave her Valentine's Day flowers on her birthday. We've broken down some of the top bloom choices for the top occasions you'll run into in life. Check it out.



Make someone feel even more special on their special day of the year with a bouquet. Don't know their favorite flower? Here are some floral options.

Safe Choice: Sunflowers

Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity, which are perfect for someone's special day of the year.

Adventurous Choice: Yellow Orchids

Yellow orchids are exotic-looking and rare. The yellow color also symbolizes friendship and new beginnings. Plus, an orchid plant will last longer than just fresh-cut flowers.

Thoughtful Choice: Month-Specific Flower

If you really want to impress your recipient, choose the flower that represents his or her birthday month. But make sure you tell them that in the card to get the credit. Otherwise, they may not know themselves.

January Carnations
February Violets
March Daffodils
April Daisies
May Lillies
June Roses
July Larkspurs
August Gladioluses
September Asters
October Marigolds
November Chrysanthemums
December Poinsettias


I'm Sorry/Get Well/Thinking of You

We've all had those times where something isn't going quite right. Here are some options for those in between flowers, whether you're apologizing, wishing someone well, or "just because."

Safe Choice: Red Poppies

These flowers symbolize restful sleep and fast recovery. Send them to anyone who is sick or in the hospital.

Adventurous Choice: Purple Hyacinths

The "I'm sorry" symbolism of hyacinths originated from a mythology story where the Greek God, Apollo, accidentally kills the hero, Hyacinth. Hopefully, the reason for your apology isn't remotely this severe, but these blooms serve as a great centerpiece for a floral arrangement regardless.

Thoughtful Choice: Forget-Me-Nots

It's all in the name! If you're looking for a flower choice that speaks for itself, these blue blooms are an ideal choice.



Giving flowers when someone has lost a loved one is a respectful and beautiful way to offer your condolences. And yet, the kind of bloom you choose can say a lot.

Safe Choice: Lilies

This type of flower is very common at funerals. A white lily symbolizes innocence that has been restored to the soul of the deceased.

Adventurous Choice: Gladiolus

These blooms are part of the iris plant and come in many different shades, including pink, red, purple, yellow, white, and even green. They are elegant and symbolize good character and moral integrity.

Thoughtful Choice: Irises

Greek mythology chronicles the flowering iris as the link between heaven and earth. Giving these flowers for the passing of a loved one shows mindfulness during an incredibly difficult time.



Perhaps the most common reason that people send flowers is to show a little piece of their heart. Here are some of the best options for your boo.

Safe Choice: Red Roses

No surprise here. Roses, in all different shades, symbolize love and devotion.

Adventurous Choice: Bird of Paradise

These funky-looking flowers are an eccentric but meaningful choice for your love. Symbolizing joy and paradise, these are a stand-out bloom and will make anyone ask, "Oooh, what are those?"

Thoughtful Choice: Their Favorite Flower

If you're looking to showcase your love, and you don't know your partner's favorite flower, you should probably ask.



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