5 Things You Didn't Know About Body Wraps

BY: Sarah Gorr |Sep 20, 2022

Body wraps might not seem like an obvious choice at the spa, especially when you consider the indulgent treatments they're up against: massages, facials, anything that involves being painted with 24 karat gold, etc. Maybe the wrap feels just a little too functional, or maybe you're wondering: just what is a body wrap, anyway? Whatever the reason, we think it's time to reconsider the misunderstood body wrap, and to help, we laid out exactly why you should consider booking one on your next spa day.

It's more than a body wrap.

Obviously, you're getting a wrap, but did you know that a seaweed wrap (like many body wraps) also includes a scrub and even a bit of a massage? Step one in the process is usually to apply a sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin from head to toe. To make sure the scrub really sloughs away all that dead skin, you'll get a little bit of a soothing body massage, too.

Wraps can minimize cellulite and contour the body.

First things first: Do body wraps work when it comes to actually slimming your figure? Yes, but to be clear, the effects are typically temporary. But if you're prepping for an event like a wedding or a party, getting a body wrap can help you look your best. The wrap will infuse the body with vitamins and minerals that can help tighten the skin while the warmth helps you sweat out water weight.

Your skin will be super moisturized.

One of the key benefits of any body wrap is heavy moisturizing. While applying lotion at home is great, wraps kick things up a notch. Because the paste is applied warm and you're immediately wrapped in plastic, your body heats up and that intensifies the formula's moisturizing effects.

It's detoxifying (probably).

That heat we mentioned above? It won't just boost the wrap's moisturizing powers, it'll cause you to sweat out unhealthy toxins. At least, that's what many body wraps claim. Most doctors don't believe in toxins, but the treatment won't hurt and if you are worried about toxins, then it can only help.

You'll get a chance to truly relax.

Bundled up in a toasty cocoon, you'll get some honest-to-goodness me time. Relax and let your mind wander or heck, go ahead and take a little nap! You'll wake up feeling totally refreshed and after a rise, you won't believe how great you'll look.

Still not sure? Check out some body wrap reviews from real customers across the country:

"Felt wonderful after body wrap. Sweated off a ton of toxins. Skin so soft and jeans fit better!!!" – Julianne R.
Absolute Aesthetic | Elmhurst, IL

"Grace was amazing. She walked me through everything she was doing and is honestly one of the kindest and friendliest people I've ever met. Be sure to bring an extra pair of underwear and a bra! Loved my body wrap experience!" – Morgan B.
Neema's Body Wraps | Dallas, TX

"Great staff, very attentive. The body wrap was great and they check on you every 15 minutes to make sure you are comfortable. Would recommend to friends." – Cait G.
Sun Spa | Sherman Oaks, CA

"They were wonderful! Beverly, the manager, offered a warm and friendly greeting when I arrived. They had an assortment of hot beverages and cookies, nuts, etc to enjoy while waiting for your treatment. Suzanne was the aesthetician who gave me my treatment, a seaweed body wrap, was highly experienced and so professional." – Barbara L.
Red Phoenix Wellness Center | Mineola, NY

"Great customer service and excellent result. I have lost an inch and half so far from all the areas that were treated. Even though it is further venue, I commute there. I have tried a few different places but this is he best customer service. I love the staff there! I definitely go back!" – Tomoka T.
Body Beautiful Wellness Centre | Vancouver, WA