Bowling Shoes: Putting a Slide in Your Stride

BY: Groupon Guide |Jul 9, 2015
Bowling Shoes: Putting a Slide in Your Stride

From pedaling along the American River Bicycle Trail to hiking behind the knowledgeable guides of Alopex Eco Adventures, there are plenty of outdoorsy things to do in Sacramento. But hanging out indoors doesn’t necessarily mean you’re missing out on all the action—in fact, Sacramento bowling alleys, such as Capitol Bowl, are great places to remain active while enjoying the benefits of a roof. Of course, going bowling also means some wardrobe revisions, especially when it comes to footwear. Large, colorful, and clown-like, bowling shoes have long been a source of giggles, but they serve a few important purposes. Here are a couple reasons why bowling shoes are necessary.

They Keep You on Your Feet

The primary reason you can’t bowl in your street shoes is, of course, the stuff they might track in from the street. Whether you’ve walked through a puddle or upset the monarchy of a nearby anthill, even a small amount of moisture or debris on the bottom of your shoe can make the approach—the area bowlers use to step toward the lane and deliver their throw—a dangerous, slippery place.

They Help You Pulverize More Pins

Bowling shoes provide more than just protection. The bottom of a rental shoe sports a rubber heel and a smooth, leather sole. Ideally, on the last step of a bowler's stride, he or she will use the momentum from previous steps to swing the ball toward the pins while sliding forward on the foot opposite the ball. It's the leather sole that allows for sliding, while the rubber heel acts as a brake to prevent skidding down the lane. A bowler wearing professional shoes will have only one sliding sole, on the foot opposite his or her ball hand. This gives extra stability to the ball-side foot, which is important when aiming to consistently produce the satisfying thunder of 10 pins toppling.