Four Places to Get Your Oil Changed in Sacramento

BY: Scott Hirsch |Jul 9, 2015
Four Places to Get Your Oil Changed in Sacramento

The Mid/Cal Oil and Lube shop is deliciously retro—its boxy service hut, antique gas pumps, and drive-in overhang are painted creamy white with ketchup-red trim; signs onsite celebrate “Street Machines.” Just don’t expect your street machine to be serviced there—it’s an exhibit inside the California Auto Museum in Sacramento. Oil change and service stations like Mid/Cal were so ubiquitous and iconic that they’re featured amidst the museum’s Model Ts, Packards, and movie-star Porsches. 

But as cars have evolved, so has the old gas, lube, and tire shop. Sacramento’s Mid/Cal would be out of place today—we have myriad options, more complex machinery, and limited time. These Sacramento oil-change spots cover the spectrum of high-end specialists, quick lube services, and oil changes for every make, model, and driver.

If Your Motor Oil Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Dirty

In a single visit to Oasis Wash and Lube you can get both the dirty oil drained from your engine and the grimy gunk rinsed off the car. Take a quick cruise through the R.O wash system and your car will undergo a medley of soaps and cleansers, while a finish of pure filtered water ensures a spot-free shine. Technicians provide onsite oil changes and offer wash and oil-change packages so you can cross two big things off your list at once.

An Eco- and Engine-Friendly Stop

Smog tests and oil changes are two necessary chores for every California car owner. Thankfully, these thankless jobs are pretty painless at Smog Smart. It’s a State of California–licensed smog-test facility with ASE-certified mechanics on hand for repairs and oil changes, so you can accomplish all those tasks at once and your car will leave well-oiled, road-legal, and DMV-approved.

Specialist Care for the Foreign Car

Some cars require synthetic oil and a bit more finesse. That’s where DRJ Automotive shines: its technicians have undergone extensive training and specialize in BMWs, Mercedes, and Japanese vehicles. Jettas, Golfs, and Eurovans, meanwhile, will find a comforting vibe at Kombi Haus, a European auto-repair specialist that services Volkswagens and Audis.

For Both Car Care and Creature Comforts

Bring your car to Polar Bear Auto Care and it’ll be in good hands—the ASE-certified technicians will swap the oil, change the filter, and perform any other services it might need. But what about you? While your car gets some TLC, clients can relax in Polar Bear’s spacious waiting room and enjoy the big-screen TVs and free WiFi, or take advantage of the shuttle service if they have other places to be.