At Saint Paul Nail Salons, Don’t Forget About Your Brows

BY: Groupon Guide |Jul 9, 2015
At Saint Paul Nail Salons, Don’t Forget About Your Brows

Minnesota’s capital city might come in second when it comes to population, but thanks to the abundance of Saint Paul nail salons and spas, there’s never a reason to have second-rate eyebrows. Phresh Spa Salon is just one of many places in Saint Paul where brows get the attention they deserve from a certified aesthetician.

Ever wonder how a brow stylist manages to get your brows looking so full and natural? Read on to discover the art behind creating flattering eyebrows.

Follow the Natural Brow Line

Be it straight, curved, or arched, your original brow shape will be the one that works best with your facial structure and any accessories you came packaged with. Of course, that doesn't mean all hairs are where you want them. A brow stylist will often begin by getting rid of any hairs that fall below that line before they continue shaping.

Start and End with the Brow Bones

The inner edge of your eyebrows should start where the outside of your nose meets the brow bone. Plucking too far in makes brows appear too short, a common at-home mistake that can take weeks to remedy. To get a preview of where your brows should end, place the tip of a pencil at the outside of your nostril and angle it so that it touches the outer corner of the eye. Where the pencil touches the brow bone is where the outer brow edge should stop.

Look Straight in the Eye

To pinpoint the outer edge of your eye’s iris, your brow artist will look you straight in the eye. The highest part of the arch should hit right above it, and everything beyond that point begins to taper off.

Sharpen or Soften with Pencils or Powders

After the shaping is done, it's time for a different kind of artistry. To create a full, smooth look that eliminates any suspicion that your brows got in a fight with each other, the stylist may go back in to sharpen or soften angles or fill in thinner areas with a brow pencil or powder.