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Splurge or Save? Salon & Spa Add-On Treatments

BY: Editorial Staff | Jul 19, 2018

Everyone deserves the right to indulge here and there. If you're booking a spa appointment, there's a big chance you may be asked if you want an upgrade or add-on to your service. If you turn it down because you don't know what it is, you could be missing out. If you say yes without a little research, you could be getting ripped off. That's why we compiled a list of a couple of common salon and spa add-on treatments and whether or not to splurge or save.

Hot Stones: Save

In this treatment, warmed stones are infused with oil to help loosen muscles and blood vessels and improve circulation. Our advice? Skip the hot stones add-ons and get a hot-stone massage instead, which will include this feature without having to pay extra.

Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment: Splurge

Due to their everyday use, our hands need a little extra attention. A paraffin wax treatment is a skin-softening service that helps remove dead skin cells. The add-on fee is worth it for hands, a body part that works overtime.

Paraffin Wax Foot Treatment: Save


Though paraffin has its benefits, it's best to pass on the foot upsell. This is because most pedicures already include a treatment that softens your soles, without any added cost.

No Chip: Splurge

The no-chip manicure is always worth the extra couple dollars. Shellac is more durable than a regular mani, lasting two weeks without any chipping or dulling of polish.

Sea Salt Scrub: Save

Salt scrub is an extra exfoliating and purifying treatment that can slough off dead skin cells. And while it's benefits are noticeable, this concoction can be easily made at home with ingredients already in your pantry. Go DIY on this one.