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Six Unique Manicures from Salt Lake City Nail Salons

BY: Lisa Ladehoff | Jul 17, 2015
Six Unique Manicures from Salt Lake City Nail Salons

In Salt Lake City, nail salons offer plenty of classic options—there’s no shortage of sexy red polishes or wedding-ready french manicures. But sometimes, you want something a little different. That’s why we dug a bit deeper to find the city’s most unique, eye-catching manicures.

The French Lace

french lace manicure

Manicure by B Space Salon

Pretty little nail decals and a swipe of glitter make this take on a classic more modern, updated, and super feminine.

The Piñails

pineapple manicure

Manicure by Q Nails & Spa

What’s not to love about this manicure? These dramatic stiletto nails feature a white background, which makes its fun pineapple designs really pop. Pass the piña colada.

The Sweet and Subtle French Manicure

subtle french manicure

Manicure by Luxury Nail Salon

A glittery purple stripe amps up the lavender tips on this muted french manicure. (Check out other ways to elevate your french manicure.)

The Teal Tuxedo

teal tuxedo manicure

Manicure by Q Nails & Spa

With its trio of button-like dots and dramatic, elegant rounded tips, these nails conjure up images of a tuxedo. It looks awesome, but please, don’t ever wear a real teal-colored tuxedo.

The Winter Dazzlers

winter manicure

Manicure by The Nail & Hair Room

The weather outside may be frightful, but your manicure doesn’t have to be! Take this spectacular display of snow-inspired nail art, which looks best wrapped around a mug of hot cocoa.

The Contemporary Classic

classic red manicure

Manicure by Ali Nails at The Nail & Hair Room

Long, rounded nails in a punchy fire-engine red will likely never go out of style. The subtle shimmer of the pale-pink half-moons adds a contemporary touch to this classic look.

Guide Staff Writer
BY: Lisa Ladehoff
Guide Staff Writer