5 Places to Get Your Car Repaired in San Diego

BY: Greg Kester |Jul 10, 2015
5 Places to Get Your Car Repaired in San Diego

Driving in San Diego is pretty special. Cruising down I-5 from Solana Beach, navigating the throngs of Padres fans in the Gaslamp Quarter, or crossing the bay on the Coronado Bridge, it’s easy to get wrapped up with what’s happening outside your car. But when the engine light flickers on, it’s time to trade the coastal landscape for the garage of one of the many auto repair shops in San Diego. 

Sorting out automotive trouble can be a hassle, but there are plenty of San Diego auto repair shops that specialize in getting motorists back onto the road in a hurry. Though mechanics everywhere offer essentially the same services, some go above and beyond the call of a squeaky brake to ensure that customers are happy. See below for a list of recommended shops and how they differentiate themselves from the crowd.

1. The Pit Stop

What Sets It Apart: Unfortunately, auto repair shops occasionally get a reputation for bilking their customers with unnecessary repairs or needlessly complicated fixes. The Pit Stop is not one of those shops. Even when the Union Tribune came in undercover with an exaggerated problem, the ASE-certified mechanics of The Pit Stop correctly diagnosed the simple issue (a disconnected spark plug) and did not inflate the issue or the cost to fix it.

2. FTS Auto Repair

What Sets it Apart: The mechanics at FTS Auto Repair are passionate about not only restoring cars to tip-top shape, but also giving back to the community. The certified NAPA Auto Care Center goes about this in two ways: through its green initiatives, and by its contributions to local charities such as the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Humane Society. Every year, FTS recycles 500 filters, 800 gallons of coolant, 600 gallons of oil, and 8,000 pounds of metal to help ease its effect on the environment.

3. Convoy Auto Repair

What Sets it Apart: The ASE-certified and master mechanics at Convoy Auto Repair don’t like to fix things twice. The team—who, by the way, have been decorated with the Blue Seal of Excellence and the stamp of AAA approval—put the pressure on themselves to get repairs right the first time, guaranteeing each job with a two-year/24,000-mile warranty.

4. Hais Auto Repair

What Sets it Apart: Over three decades in the automotive-repair business, you witness a lot of changes in how cars are made, how they’re driven, and how passengers stay safe. You also pick up insight into the best ways to keep cars running and customers happy. Hais Auto Repair brings all of this experience to every fix-it procedure it takes on, including 15-point oil changes, timing-belt replacements, and smog checks to keep owners compliant with state regulations.

5. 7 to 7 Auto Services

What Sets it Apart: 7 to 7 Auto Services has made smog checks its specialty. Perhaps indicative of the shop’s commitment to clean air in California, the head smog technician even possesses a master’s degree in physics. His team of ASE-certified technicians employs advanced diagnostic technology to sniff out the sources of overpolluting cars, fixing them to ensure they’re compliant with the state’s strict codes.