Love San Fran? Get a San Francisco Tattoo, Duh.

BY: Lisa Ladehoff |Jul 14, 2015
Love San Fran? Get a San Francisco Tattoo, Duh.

Nothing says “I love you” quite like getting someone’s name permanently inked on your body. In the case of many a proud Californian, it’s not a name, but a place: good old San Francisco. In our search for some of the coolest tattoos that pay homage to the city, we found more than one decidedly San Francisco tattoo. Check out a few below.

Bay Bridge Blueprint

A unique take on a tattoo idea that has graced many, this guy’s ink includes elevations, and of course, MUD.

bay bridge blueprint

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The Black-and-Gray California Bear, And Then Some

There’s a lot going on inside the iconic California bear that graces the state’s flag. The Golden Gate Bridge; homages to the San Francisco Giants, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Golden State Warriors (technically Oakland, but whatever); and of course, palm trees (not actually native to California, but Californian no less).

california bear sports

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The California Bear: Sunset Edition

This colorful iteration of the California Bear (joined by one of the stars that also graces the flag!) features a photo-real sunset in contrast against the iconic lines of the Golden Gate.

california bear sunset

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The Minimalist

You know exactly what that is. Don’t even try to say you don’t.

minimalist golden gate bridge

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The Maximalist

Why have your tattoo on one arm when you can have it on both? This sketchier version of the bridge stretches across two arms, making for a great conversation piece and party trick.

two arm golden gate bridge

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Classic. Understated. Permanent.

san francisco giants

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