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School Lunch Ideas & Lunchboxes To Break the Lunch Rut

BY: Aimee Algas Alker | Jul 23, 2019

School isn't even back in session yet, but we bet you and your kids are already dreading it: the much-hated lunch rut. Face it—there are only so many variations on sandwiches that you can make—and they can eat. So we're going to shake up your routine with a few new school lunch ideas—some hot, some cold, and a few room temperature—and highlight some awesome lunch boxes for kids you can pack them in. Get ready for all the high fives you're gonna get when your kids get home.

1. Hot Lunch: Breakfast for Lunch

Because breakfast is when you get all the sweet stuff. As far as kids school lunch ideas go, this one's a keeper.

Perfect Lunch Box:

Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel Portable Lunch Box ($13)

What's For Lunch:

  • In the round insulated container, pre-made instant oatmeal will stay hot in its thermos-like surroundings
  • Fill the stackable compartments with dried or fresh fruit to mix into the oatmeal
  • For protein, freshly-cooked sausage or bacon will also stay warm


2. Cold Lunch: Asian Style

Saucy noodles make a nice change of pace—and one of the better healthy school lunch ideas. Also cool: the amazing LED light-up designs on these lunch boxes.

Perfect Lunch Box:

Igloo Light-Up Lunch Box Cooler ($18.99)

What's For Lunch:

  • A cold noodle salad with sweet asian sauce
  • Sliced leftover chicken and veggies such as baby carrots and snap peas
  • For a treat, a dried fruit snack


3. Room Temperature Lunch

At our house, we call this the snack lunch: treats curated for small bites and healthfulness.

Perfect Lunch Box:

Bentgo Lunch Box ($24.99)

What's For Lunch:

  • Blended fruit pouches—these shelf-stable options stay good all morning
  • Crackers and sliced salami or meat jerky
  • If kept sealed, string cheese or a cheddar cheese stick should stay good for a few hours
  • A healthy dessert—and a great alternative for nut-free classrooms—is chocolate–sunflower butter cups, like Reese's, but nut-allergy safe




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