Self-Defense 101: A Guide to Weapons, Classes, and Spirit

BY: Groupon Editors |Dec 1, 2017

Everyone should practice self-defense, no matter who you are or where you live. Gracie Hart taught us that in Miss Congeniality. And Olivia Benson has shown us how important self-defense is for nearly two decades on Law & Order: SVU.

You don't actually need to be a fictional police officer to protect yourself (though it would be helpful). Ensure that you know how to defend yourself, regardless of who your butt-kicking inspiration is, with some of the best self-defense techniques out there:

1. Take a martial arts class.

The discipline of martial arts dates back hundreds of years, and continues to gain popularity. The practice itself yields a multitude of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. Learning karate, tae kwon do, judo, or jiujitsu gives you all the tools you need to protect yourself.

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2. Carry pepper spray.

This is one of the most helpful self-defense tools out there. Pepper spray is effective in disabling an attacker, but it isn't life threatening to the assailant.

Pro Tip:
It doesn't work if don't carry it on you. Purchase one with a key ring for easy access or one that looks like a lipstick for optimal discretion.

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3. Learn krav maga.

Krav maga is a military self-defense and fighting system that originated in Israel. It's said to be incredibly helpful because of its focus on everyday, real-world situations. Arm yourself with the best moves for a worst-case scenario with krav maga classes and lessons.

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4. Purchase a stun gun.

Most people think that only security guards or police officers can wield stun guns, but the majority of US states allow citizens to carry this tool for self-defense. These devices deliver a small but strong electric shock to your attacker upon contact, which gives you the time you need to run away or get help.

Pro Tip:
You can purchase a stun baton as an added feature, which provides extended reach.

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5. Carry a tactical pen.

Nothing is more inconspicuous yet helpful than a tactical pen. This tool provides the same kind of protection of a knife, without the blade. Plus, most double as an actual pen, which is also handy for those equally rare, life-threatening situations that require you to write a check.

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6. Take up boxing or kickboxing.

Learn to kick butt while kicking your own butt. The physical strength and confidence you gain from a fitness class can actually be used as a self-defense tool, not to mention it will also whip you into shape.

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