Set the Table: Ice-Cream Social

BY: AMELIA BUZZELL | 9.4.2013 |

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If it’s still too warm for your tongue to stick to a pole, then it’s definitely not too cold for ice cream. Before the chill sets in, relish the quintessential summertime treat by hosting an ice-cream social, complete with colorful serveware and mountains of marshmallow fluff.

Let guests know from the get-go that they’ll be neck-deep in fudge ripple with a whimsical ice-cream-cone invitation. On the big day, a multi-globed candy jar is great for holding candies, cookies, and sprinkles, and also doubles as a colorful centerpiece. Polka-dotted water glasses echo the playful sprinkle motif, and ceramic cone-shaped dishes are a whimsical yet sophisticated upgrade from the classic edible wafer.

1. Argentinean candy jar; Anthropologie ($498)

2. Ceramic ice-cream cone; Fishs Eddy ($11.95) 

3. Ice-cream honeycomb decorations; Paper Party ($17 for three)

4. Polka-dot glass; Fishs Eddy ($8)

5. Happy ice cream card; badbooks on Etsy ($4)

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BY: Amelia Buzzell Guide Staff Writer