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The Guide to Sex Toys for Men

BY: Editors | Aug 6, 2018

man in shower

Sex toys have been used for physical pleasure throughout the ages—in fact, archaeologists have uncovered some suspected early models that date to the Paleolithic era. And though their makers didn’t leave a record of just what they got up to with them, we have a few guesses.

Yet even with their commonplace use, it can be intimidating to walk into an adult shop for the first time. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of options available online, including plenty of toys for men (and couples) tucked away on Goods. We’re here to shed light on a few of our most popular products and how to use them, whether you’re exploring alone or experimenting with a partner.

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Men's Toys for Solo Play (or Couples)

man woman couple kissing on bed

Masturbation isn’t just fun; when it’s approached with a healthy curiosity, it’s an especially great way to get in tune with your body and figure out the motions and techniques that excite you most. From there, it’s also easier to communicate to a partner what really works for you.



A stroker is a tunnel-shaped, skin-textured toy that slides over your erection to simulate the sensations of sex. Since it is most often used for solo play, choice comes down to personal preference:

If You Like... Shop For...
As lifelike a feeling as possible Soft, temperature-receptive material
Lots of friction A textured interior
Vibration A removable vibrating bullet
Enhanced movement Rotation, suction, and thrusting capability
Fantasy play Anatomically correct details
Gradually increasing sensation Varying levels of tightness
Something that’s easy to use Automatic or battery-powered operation
Easy cleanup An open-ended design



cock rings and c-rings

A C-ring is a stretchy band that fits around the base of the penis, constricting blood flow for a harder, more consistent erection and heightened sensitivity. C-rings are available in a wide range of materials—from soft silicone, rubber, and leather to hard wood and metal—and models, including glans rings and designs that encircle both testicles for enhanced results.


Pro Tip: Do not use C-rings if you bleed easily or suffer from a blood clotting disorder. Do not wear for longer than 20 minutes.


How to Use

If this is your first time, it’s best to start out with an adjustable single-strap C-ring made of a soft material, so that it can be removed easily. If you’re an experienced user and feeling adventurous, try a solid single C-ring—but keep a set of blunt-tipped scissors close at hand.

Bonus Features

Because they come in so many forms and textures, C-rings can add to any sexual pairing. If you’re with a female partner, a vibrating C-ring can be used to stimulate the clitoris. If you’re with a male partner, C-rings integrate easily with anal toys. Opt for waterproof materials for fun in the shower. 



Penis Pump

Penis Pump

For help achieving an erection or temporarily increasing the size of your penis, consider using a penis pump. Some have a pistol-style handle for speed, while others have a pneumatic bulb handle for greater precision. Regardless, safety and comfort are key: look for a quick-release valve, a soft ring on the opening of the cylinder, and an easy-to-read pressure gauge.

How to Use

Insert your penis in the tube, then start pumping. The vacuum suction pulls more blood into vessels for a harder, possibly larger-than-normal erection.

Bonus Features

Some models double as men’s sex toys with added vibration, which makes them more pleasurable to use and is great for foreplay.



Penis Extender

penis extender

A penis extender is just what it sounds like: a sleeve that fits over the penis to add length and girth. It is typically made from soft, flexible material with a bit of stretch.

How to Use

Find one that fits snugly over the penis, and make sure it’s comfortable for both you and your partner during sex.

Bonus Features

Some extenders have textured nubs or ridges on the shaft. Some have a removable vibrating bullet or a curved tip for G-spot stimulation. And an extender with an open tip heightens sensation for the wearer. 



Couples Vibrator

couple's vibrators

A couples vibrator is a major multitasker, stimulating both your partner’s clitoris and G-spot, while simultaneously boosting pleasure for you during penetrative sex.

How to Use

It’s meant to be inserted along with the penis during sex. If you’re having trouble making both fit, use a lubricant—just make sure it won’t damage the toy.

Bonus Features

Look for a wireless remote or rotatable outer arm, as well as multiple vibration modes.



anal beads

Anal Toys

Anal sex can be a healthy addition to any sex life, but there are plenty of other ways to explore the area besides just traditional penetration. That’s where anal toys come in. Our guide to anal toys breaks down why you may want to consider adding them to your solo or couples play.



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