Simple Landscaping Ideas to Inspire Your Yard

BY: Andy Seifert |Jul 31, 2018

If you own a house, you know that one of the most-nagging questions can be: what should I do with this lawn? To someone with little landscaping experience, it can be difficult to even conceive of what's possible. The good news is that there is a whole world of landscaping (literally...go out in the world and look around) that you can draw from.

Here are a few simple landscaping ideas (and a few unique landscaping ideas) that you can use as inspiration and as direction. And if you need help implementing your dream garden or idyllic walkway, be sure to grab a deal on landscaping services.

Garden Entrance


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It's one of the most simple landscaping ideas: the garden entrance leading you to the front door, and this Seattle-area home uses a harmonious melange of plants to welcome you.


Hardscaping and a Hydrangea Garden


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The hardscaping at this Denmark home is impeccable, surrounded by handsome hydrangeas.


Colorful Driveway


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The owners of this Miami, Florida home thought their driveway could use a little color—enter these Evolvulus blue plants, right down the middle.


Rock Art


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Rocks can sometimes just seem like...well, rock. But don't be afraid to try something creative with them, like this Columbia, Tennessee home.


Stone Walkway


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Build a path, and people will use it, meaning less wear on the rest of your lawn. This Exeter, New Hampshire walkway (built by the Instagrammers' masonry company) is a lovely example.


Garden Arbor


A post shared by Tracie Fish (@fishtailcottage) on Jun 20, 2018 at 10:16am PDT

This Seattle-area home shows how a metal arbor can make for a picture-perfect entrance to a rustic garden.


Keep it Simple


A post shared by Kellye (@mygeorgiahouse) on Jun 3, 2018 at 6:38am PDT

This Atlanta-area home has a front porch that pairs perfectly with this little garden, showing you don't have to do too much to exude charm.


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