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Six Braids That Scream Spring

BY: Favin the Maven | Feb 29, 2016

Braids for Spring jpgAny songbird that flies down to sit in your hair will tell you—braids are a perfect spring hairstyle. But with all the tutorials available online, it’s hard to decide which braid to weave. I went and got my hair straightened so that I could try five different kinds. Well, technically, my friend Mahreen tried them on me (thanks, Mahreen!). Here they are, ranked from the simplest to the most intricate on a scale of 1 to 5.

Headband Braid


Difficulty: 1

Time: 4 minutes

Instructions from: fiercelytasha on YouTube

An alternate take: Follow the tutorial until your braid reaches the far edge of your hairline, then just pin it in place. That’s what Mahreen did for me.

This braid makes me feel: Classically beautiful. I didn’t expect the simplest braid to look so sophisticated!

I recommend it for: Literally anything.

Headband Braid with Updo


Difficulty: 2

Time: 7 minutes (or, if you’ve already got the braid in place, 3)

Instructions from: Mahreen's brain. Once the headband braid was done, she pulled all my hair over my left shoulder. Next, she took two sections from the far right side of my head and twisted them together, pulling them across the back of my head and pinning them on the left side, near the headband braid. Now that my hair was all on my left shoulder again, she twisted it all and wound it into a bun, pinning strategically along the way.

This braid makes me feel: Glamorous. it’s even more elegant than the headband braid on its own.

I recommend it for: Date night at a swanky restaurant. Or anytime you might have to go to the Grammys on short notice—you’re all set for the red carpet!

Mermaid or Six-Strand Braid


Difficulty: 3

Time: 10 minutes

Instructions from: Bebexo on YouTube

This braid makes me feel: Very hip—like someone in the know. I also feel like a mermaid! So, an in-the-know mermaid.

I recommend it for: The three Bs: beach, baby shower, or brunch. (No one really calls them the three Bs. I made that up.)

Dutch Braid


Difficulty: 4

Time: 7 minutes

Instructions from: Abella's Braids

This braid makes me feel: Like a high schooler at a swim meet.

I recommend it for: High schoolers at swim meets. Adults, not so much. This braid didn’t feel that grown up to me.

Fishtail Braid


Difficulty: 4

Time: 8 minutes

Instructions from: fiercelytasha on YouTube

This braid makes me feel: Polished. This braid is great for hiding bedhead.

I recommend it for: Work, especially on mornings when you hair isn’t cooperating with your styling plans.

Waterfall Braid


Difficulty: 5

Time: 20 minutes

Instructions from: Bethanie Hamilton on YouTube

This braid makes me feel: Like a fairy princess. It’s so whimsical, I sort of feel like I should have a wand.

I recommend it for: An outdoor music festival. Pick a flower and put it in your hair for extra magical vibes!

Photos by Mahreen Younus, Groupon

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Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven