Six Famous Coats and Where to Find Them

BY: KELLY MACDOWELL | 11.25.2013 |
Six Famous Coats and Where to Find Them | Chicago Shopping | Groupon

You’d think that Humphrey Bogart and Inspector Gadget would have very little in common. But, if you were forced to draw either one in a game of Pictionary, you’d be hard-pressed not to include the same item: a classic trench coat.

Whether it’s Neo dodging bullets in classic black, or Mary Poppins touching down in her duster, many characters have made a certain type of outerwear iconic. Here are six coats—three for men, three for women—that you can bundle up inside to look (but not feel) as cool as a movie star.


Women’s coats:

1. Grease: Heavy crepe biker jacket, Topshop ($250)

When you can’t decide whether to be a T-Bird or a Pink Lady, compromise by wearing Danny Zuko’s trademark coat in a Frenchie-approved shade of pink.

2. Moonrise Kingdom: Stadium-cloth cocoon coat, J. Crew ($350+)

In regal blue, this coat’s cocoon-inspired silhouette evokes a more mainstream variant of Tilda Swinton’s cerulean cape from the Wes Anderson film.

3. Drive: Red embroidered bomber jacket, River Island ($130)

Women can try on Ryan Gosling’s criminally cool look with a varsity-style coat, which swaps a shiny scorpion for embroidered dragons.


Men’s coats:

1. Top Gun: G-1 Wings of Gold leather bomber jacket, Alcala’s ($599.99)

Made by iconic leather retailer Schott NYC, this patched-up bomber is almost a dead ringer for Maverick’s Air Force–issued version.

2. Sherlock Holmes: Brown wool-hemp coat, Suitsupply ($569)

A modern-day detective would certainly look smart in this fitted coat with a glen-check pattern.

3. Taxi Driver: Rexton waxed jacket, Haberdash ($799)

Rexton says Steve McQueen was the inspiration for this olive-toned coat, but it also conjures images of DeNiro as Travis Bickle.

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