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Six Famous Coats and Where to Find Them

BY: Kelly MacDowell | Nov 25, 2013
Six Famous Coats and Where to Find ThemYou’d think that Humphrey Bogart and Inspector Gadget would have very little in common. But, if you were forced to draw either one in a game of Pictionary, you’d be hard-pressed not to include the same item: a classic trench coat. Whether it’s Neo dodging bullets in classic black, or Mary Poppins touching down in her duster, many characters have made a certain type of outerwear iconic. Here are six coats—three for men, three for women—that you can bundle up inside to look (but not feel) as cool as a movie star. six-famous-coats-and-where-to-find-them_600c490 Women’s coats: 1. Grease: Heavy crepe biker jacket, Topshop ($250) When you can’t decide whether to be a T-Bird or a Pink Lady, compromise by wearing Danny Zuko’s trademark coat in a Frenchie-approved shade of pink. 2. Moonrise Kingdom: Stadium-cloth cocoon coat, J. Crew ($350+) In regal blue, this coat’s cocoon-inspired silhouette evokes a more mainstream variant of Tilda Swinton’s cerulean cape from the Wes Anderson film. 3. Drive: Red embroidered bomber jacket, River Island ($130) Women can try on Ryan Gosling’s criminally cool look with a varsity-style coat, which swaps a shiny scorpion for embroidered dragons. six-famous-coats-and-where-to-find-them_men_600c490 Men’s coats: 1. Top Gun: G-1 Wings of Gold leather bomber jacket, Alcala’s ($599.99) Made by iconic leather retailer Schott NYC, this patched-up bomber is almost a dead ringer for Maverick’s Air Force–issued version. 2. Sherlock Holmes: Brown wool-hemp coat, Suitsupply ($569) A modern-day detective would certainly look smart in this fitted coat with a glen-check pattern. 3. Taxi Driver: Rexton waxed jacket, Haberdash ($799) Rexton says Steve McQueen was the inspiration for this olive-toned coat, but it also conjures images of DeNiro as Travis Bickle.