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Some #Based Wisdom From Lil B to Coach You Through Winter’s Last Gasps

BY: Courtney Ryan | Mar 12, 2014
Some #Based Wisdom From Lil B to Coach You Through Winter’s Last GaspsThe worst winter in decades may be winding down, but there’s more snow clouds looming. Only Lil B’s Twitter feed can give us the strength to lift that shovel once again. This winter has been pretty rough. Chicago was hit with the third highest snowfall on record. Cities from Atlanta to Winnipeg set all-time temperature lows. Every public school in Minnesota was canceled for the first time in the state’s history. And though the thaw is beginning to creep in, true Chicagoans can’t be fooled—we know March came in like a snow-covered lion that just ate a lamb. But instead of burying yourself under your blankets until May, take comfort in some #based advice from rapper Lil B the BasedGod. Fortunately for us, Lil B regularly shares #rare wisdom with his Twitter audience, and all of it is relevant to what we’re going through this season. He shares his pragmatic philosophy. He reminds us that it was worse for the dinosaurs. He can relate to wintertime despair. But at the same time, he can see that snow is (or was) beautiful. Also, spring is kind of overrated when you really think about it. He sees winter as a time to unite humanity. But he also appreciates other species. He recognizes the virtues of hibernation weight. …and wearing layers. But he doesn’t want you to forget that extreme weather has its negatives. And he knows the season can really get to you. Still, no matter how much it snows, melts, and snows again—Lil B loves you. Image courtesy of Generation Bass’s flickr.