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5 Ways to Make a Spa Day for Mom Extra Special


As Mother's Day approaches, you may be planning on purchasing a spa day for Mom. And you definitely should do that. When we've mined our site data in the past, we've learned that massages, facials, and spa packages are among the top gifts purchased on Groupon. It's clear that people love spa presents, so if your mother enjoys getting pampered, a spa day is the perfect gift.

Instead of searching for a nice spa for Mom and then simply buying her a gift certificate there, do something that goes beyond. Here's how to elevate a spa day, and maybe even promote you to the status of favorite in the family (because we all know moms are in charge of that ranking).

Find someone to join her.

Visiting a spa by yourself is fun, but not nearly as fun as visiting a spa with a friend or loved one. You know who doesn't really care to chat about the quality of the relaxation-lounge refreshments or the humidity level of the steam room? Everyone who hears about it later. You know who does care? The person experiencing it too. That's why you should arrange for someone to keep your mom company at the spa, perhaps your dad or your mom's significant other or best friend. If you really want to impress her, accompany her yourself. Hanging out with your mom at the spa is a great way to combine quality bonding time with relaxation. If you're interested in this route, read our tips on how to have the best mother-daughter spa day.

Prepay for everything in advance.

Call or email the spa to see if you can prepay for everything in advance, including gratuity. That way, your mom can simply change back into her street clothes and waltz out. If you have a Groupon, see if they'll take the voucher from you beforehand. Even if they won't, you should still be able to pay for the tip in advance—20% of the full price (not the discounted price) is customary. Just don't forget to tell your mom that you took care of it, so all she has to do is give the front desk her Groupon voucher.

Arrange for lunch. Or chocolate-covered strawberries.

Your mom may only have one 60-minute service scheduled, but fancy amenities such as steam rooms and cozy relaxation lounges make it easy to spend several hours at a spa. If your mom plans to go to the spa any time around lunchtime, see if the spa offers any dining options and arrange for her to enjoy a spa lunch. If lunch doesn't make sense, ask the spa if they offer any special extras, such as chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne or wine, and surprise your mom with something.

Treat your mom to an unexpected add-on.

In addition to surprising your mom with refreshments, surprise her with a treatment add-on. For instance, if she's getting a massage, treat her to a bit of aromatherapy or hot stones. If she's getting a facial, she might like a lip or eye treatment or skin-tightening microcurrents. Add-ons generally don't cost too much more, making them a relatively inexpensive way to improve a spa day for Mom.

Let her splurge on products.

Whenever you get a spa treatment, the aestheticians and massage therapists will let you know what products they used on you so you can purchase them at the spa if you want. Give your mom a spa gift card so she can splurge on the products that she liked but wouldn't necessarily buy for herself. Yes, it may cost more than a spa lunch or treatment add-on, but she did give birth to you.

Looking for more Mom-impressing spa ideas that won't force you to eat Ramen every night until your next paycheck? Give her a goody bag with a jar of bath salts and a candle, which will help her continue to relax when she gets home. Or buy her a book or magazine to read in the relaxation lounge before or after her appointment.


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BY: Colleen Loggins Loster Guide Staff Writer