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Spring Beauty Trends for 2017 According to the Pros

BY: COLLEEN LOGGINS | 4.28.2017 |

Are you tired of your same-old long hair with highlights? Do you feel like you've been wearing burgundy lipstick for months? Spring is all about renewal, which makes it the perfect time to refresh your look. But before you head to the hair or nail salon or fill up your makeup bag, you need to know what look you want. And that's where we can help. To give you some inspiration, we asked three beauty professionals to tell us the most popular spring beauty trends and how you can incorporate them in your life.

The Experts

Michael Schwarzer: cofounder and creative director of Midoma, one of the top salons in New York
Mari Cordova: Midoma color specialist
Bridget Goins: Midoma staff stylist
Amy Edwards: makeup artist and founder of Divine Radiance in Dallas
Ailey Ly: nail artist and owner of Ailey and T Nails in Chicago

Spring Trends for Hair

Haircuts: bobs, lobs, and modern shags with plenty of texture and layers

In 2017, spring beauty is all about lightness, as evidenced by the "under styled, casual, messy chic" looks Michael says are popular for spring. He and his team of stylists have been creating a lot of bobs and lobs in particular, styles that he says owe their popularity to actresses such as Emma Stone and Cate Blanchette. For the ultimate trendy cut, Michael recommends opting for an edgy modern shag with deconstructed bangs or micro bangs, especially if you don't want to devote a lot of time to styling your hair.

Michael says these types of textured "boho chic" looks are "easy to maintain [and] require minimal or no styling, which translates into great hair without much effort." A textured style just needs a few accessories to enhance it and an "attitude to perfect it!" he adds.

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Hair Color: bronde hair, color melts, and manliage sunlights

Uninhibited hair color is a big trend for spring, and color specialist Mari says that her clients are having fun experimenting with fashion tones, from copper rose to slate lilac, as well as embracing Instagram-worthy color melts. This hair-color technique seamlessly blends a client's base color with highlights to get a soft gradation effect. Think ombre color, but more subtle. And more and more men are trying natural-looking hand-painted highlights, which she calls "manliage sunlights."
Another big spring beauty trend is bronde hair, a favorite of off-duty models. "I love it—creating a neutral tonality by fusing blondes and browns gives you the best of both worlds with a lot of dimension," explains Mari.
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Hairstyles: "braids, braids, braids"

Spring is all about the braid, according to updo expert Bridget. Plaits perfectly complement free-spirited textured cuts and hand-painted color, especially when woven with pieces of fabric and leather. These types of eye-catching accessories are also big for spring, Bridget says, as are headbands and metallic hairpins with "intentional placement" in the hair to create an artistic design.

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Spring Makeup Trends

Brows: microblading

"Microblading is the biggest trend to hit the beauty industry since eyelash extensions," Amy says. The semi permanent makeup technique relies on a blade to etch tiny faux brow hairs into the skin. The marks seamlessly blend in with the natural brow hairs, and give you the type of fuller, darker brows that have been popular for years now. "Microblading is the No. 1 request from my studio," Amy says.

Face: glowy skin

One of the most popular beauty trends for spring—and probably every season for the foreseeable future—is radiant skin. "When any client comes for a makeup application, the first thing they say is that they want to glow. So highlighters are a girl's best friend," Amy says.
To create this "dewy skin with highlighter shine," Amy explains that clear, exfoliated, and moisturized skin is key. She then recommends using a highlighter kit, such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, or for people who prefer less makeup, a BB cream with a hint of shimmer.

Lips: bright reds, orange-reds, and fuchsias

"I love a bold lip, especially in spring," Amy says, and she's not alone. Models sporting vivid red and pink lips strutted down nearly all of the spring 2017 runways. "I'm totally in love with the ColourPop red matte lip in Saigon. [It's] perfect for medium and dark skin tones. The classic go-to for lighter skin tones is MAC's Ruby Woo."
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Spring Trends for Nails

Color: coral

Ailey, who we interviewed a few months ago for our spring beauty lookbook, says that coral polish is a springtime staple at her salon. "I like it because it looks great on most skin tones," she explains. "It's a little bright but not too much." For this spring, she recommends shades such as OPI Are We There Yet and Essie Carousel Coral.

Shape: almond

Almond nails have been all over Instagram lately, and Ailey gets plenty of requests for them in her salon. "A lot of my clients love almond-shaped nails because [they're] easy to function with and look elegant if we use neutral colors." To make sure you have enough length for an almond shape, opt for an acrylic.

Treatment: glitter cuticles

Perhaps the most out-there beauty trend, glitter cuticles actually require you to paint glitter polish on your cuticles and up the sides of your nails. Ailey acknowledges that this look was popular during the 2017 spring New York Fashion Week, but says that the design won't last very long because of the oils produced by skin. She also says that although she likes it, most of her clients do not, something she learned when she asked them. Still, if you want a look that wows for a special event, and don't care if it only lasts the night, it might be worth a try.

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