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Must-Have Supplies for Spring Cleaning + Tips on Using Them

BY: Editors | Mar 14, 2019

Every Spring, winter-weary homes groan to their owners: “Clean. Us.” Answer this plea with gusto—use this cleaning supplies list with spring cleaning tips to get you started.

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Look around your home. Is it far too dirty, dusty, and/or cluttered? If it is, don’t despair. You’re right in the middle of the perfect time to get sweeping, dusting, organizing, mopping, and more—it’s spring cleaning season! But if you’re going to give your house a comprehensive sprucing up, you better have the right gear to get the job done.

Use this cleaning supplies list to arm yourself with the best tools. Throughout the list, we’ve included spring cleaning tips to assist you on your way to a new spotless home.

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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Perhaps the first step in a comprehensive spring cleaning is to vacuum everything that can be vacuumed. That means the floors, carpets, rugs, furniture, curtains, and anything else. We recommend using a cordless vacuum so you don’t have to navigate around your outlet. Plus, doesn’t owning a cordless vacuum cleaner feel so futuristic? Flying cars are next, right?

Hot tip: Know all those gadgets that are attached to your vacuum? You should use those! The long, skinny one is for tight corners, the wide one is for upholstery, and mustache-esque one with brushes is for delicate areas, like window blinds and lampshades.

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Steam Mop

Years ago, if you wanted to mop, you’d need to dig a big ol’ bucket out of the garage and fill it up with cleaning fluid. But now cutting-edge innovations in mopping technology (our favorite technology!) have given us the steam mop, which uses heat and steam to disinfect and clean your floors without having to use the old-fashioned floppy mop.  

Hot tip: Have a few extra steam-mop pads ready to go, in case the one you’re using gets used up. Picking up this 6-pack would be a good start!

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Microfiber Duster or Cloth

Have your cabinets, ceiling fans, and extensive collection of celebrity wax figures been collecting dust all winter? As a cleaning-centric superhero might say, “It’s dustin’ time!” Go with a microfiber duster or cloth to get the job done best. Why microfiber, you ask? These fabrics are positively charged, and since dust is negatively charged, they almost work like a magnet.

Hot tip: Need to dust in a hard-to-reach spot above your head? Simply attach a microfiber cloth to a Swiffer Sweeper.

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Scrub Sponges

There are all different kinds of sponges: wire sponges, dry sponges, sponges that live in the sea, sponge cake (not recommended for cleaning). But for this job, we recommend a cellulose sponge with an abrasive layer, like the scrub sponges seen here. You likely already use these to wash your dishes, but they’re also great at scrubbing down countertops, bathroom surfaces, and grills with a lot of food stuck on them.

Hot tip: While they’re a handy cleaning tool, sponges harbor a lot of bacteria after use. Thankfully, it’s easy to sanitize them: simply wet the sponge, then microwave it on high for two minutes (be careful—the sponge will be hot!)

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All-Purpose Cleaners

OK, you’ve got all your cleaning utensils, now it’s time to load up on the cleaning products that are going to make your dirty surfaces look new again. There are plenty of excellent all-purpose cleaners on the market, and you might already have a favorite. The most important thing is to have at least two on hand. Some cleaners work better on certain stains than others, and it’s always good to have a backup plan in case one doesn’t work.

Hot tip: While all-purpose cleaners are the most versatile, there are stain-specific cleaners out there for maximum convenience. For instance, if you often spill wine, try Wine Away.

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Some oil and grease stains are too powerful to eradicate with an all-purpose cleaner. For those, you’ll need a degreaser, a mix of chemicals specially made to dissolve those stains you thought would never dissolve. The fallout from that exploding bacon-fat mishap from 2014 can finally be erased!

Hot tip: If you haven’t looked at your oven’s range hood filter, that probably means it’s coated in grease. This is the perfect job for the degreaser.

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Heavy-Duty Trash Bags

You’re going to be vacuuming up dust, sweeping up crumbs, and throwing out that cream-cheese tub that’s been in the back of your fridge since the Carter Administration. That’s why it pays to have durable trash bags to collect everything. Don’t skimp here—go heavy duty to avoid leakage and making a big ol’ mess.

Hot tip: Does your trash bag always drop into your trash can? Use a large rubber to strap it to the can.

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Organizers: Shelves, Racks & Storage Solutions

Spring cleaning is an advantageous time to reconsider how you organize and store what you have. Ideally, as you’re cleaning, you’ll be tossing out stuff that you realize you don’t need (“perhaps we should throw out one of our four VCRs?”). Use this reduced inventory as an opportunity to rearrange and tidy up space, and consider picking up a new rack, shelf, or other storage tools to assist.

Hot tip: Organize vertically, rather than horizontally. This is the best way to deal with limited space, and there are all sorts of vertical storage devices, especially bookcases and grocery racks.

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Air Fresheners

The floors are vacuumed, the cabinets have been dusted, and the grease has been degreased. Time for spring cleaning’s cherry on top, a pleasant air freshener in the scent of your choice. Guests will judge your room based on two different senses: it should immediately look clean, but it also needs to smell clean. Once you’ve figured out and eradicated the source of any negative odors, it’s time to infuse some positive vibes. Essential oil diffusers work great here.

Hot tip: Maximize your air freshener's range by setting it on top of your floor vents, using the incoming air to spread out the sweet-smelling scents.

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