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Street Style: Pitchfork Music Fest 2013

BY: Amanda Nyren | Jul 22, 2013

Despite oppressive heat and rain that synced up with the headliners, the talent at this weekend’s Pitchfork Music Fest performed in all manner of fashionable attire. Dainty Joanna Newsom donned what appeared to be the calf-grazing chili-pepper skirt from Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Solange incited a dance party in a psychedelic-print pantsuit, and Bjork took the stage in a lamé choir robe, sporting a headpiece that resembled a dandelion seed head built of sewing needles.

Those closer to the ground, however, had to dress for the weather (and the combined body heat of an estimated 48,000 attendees). In an array of cutoff shorts, crop tops, and ‘90s muscle shirts, they flooded Union Park with floral patterns and denim. Some even managed to look cool while the air around them sweltered.

© Karie Kuiper, Groupon

Audi, musician, writer, retired model

Most excited to see: Angel Olsen, Bjork, Foxygen

Your style in a nutshell: Comfortable and eclectic

On Audi: Chloe bag, Rag & Bone hat, Forever 21 shorts and boots, Theory belt, Urban Outfitters top

© Karie Kuiper, Groupon

Allen, 21, “donut guy”

Most excited to see: MIA

Favorite place to shop: Kokorokoko

Your style in a nutshell: This was on my floor.

On Allen: Mishka tank, Janoski shoes, hat obtained in a trade

© Karie Kuiper, Groupon

Caylee, 26, retail manager

Most excited to see: Toro y Moi, Foxygen, Phosphorescent

Your style in a nutshell: Simple and chic with a vintage twist

Favorite place to shop: Village Discount

On Caylee: Dress from, Ray-Ban sunglasses, vintage bag and belt

© Karie Kuiper, Groupon

Lindsay, 18, student at Columbia College

Most excited to see: Mac DeMarco

Your style in a nutshell: Cheap

Favorite place to shop: Topshop and thrift stores

On Lindsay: I made this shirt in graphics class.

© Karie Kuiper, Groupon

Tucker, 26, political scientist

Most excited to see: Andy Stott

Your style in a nutshell: Utilitarian

Favorite place to shop: Penelope's

On Tucker: That's a secret.

© Karie Kuiper, Groupon

Paula (left), 21, and Shiloh (right), 21, both students

Most excited to see: Bjork

Favorite place to shop: Twosided

On Shiloh: Anthropologie hat, Free People top, Steve Madden boots

On Paula: Urban Outfitters dress

© Karie Kuiper, Groupon

Natalya, 17, student

Most excited to see: Foxygen

Your style in a nutshell: Minimal, comfy, handmade

Favorite place to shop: Etsy

On Natalya: Handmade dress, Adidas sports bra, Vans