Street Style: Six Corners in Wicker Park

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Street Style: Six Corners in Wicker ParkThough it’s a reputed haven for hipsters (whatever that means anymore), Wicker Park’s Six Corners actually teems with disparate, mingling fashions. This diversity stems in part from the broad spectrum of shops in the area: well-known brands such as Urban Outfitters and Free People, vintage stores such as Ragstock and Crossroads Trading Co., and independent boutiques such as Una Mae’s and Eskell. When you’re surrounded by young people and some of the city’s best shopping, it’s hard to swing a Reckless Records bag without bumping into a stylish passerby.

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Katie, advertising

Favorite local clothing shop: Aritzia

Your style in a nutshell: Easy, laidback, monotone

On Katie: AJ Morgan sunglasses from Stitch, American Apparel tank, Zara jeans

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Ennis, sales associate at Brooklyn Industries, painter, dancer, b-boy

Favorite local clothing shop: Brooklyn Industries, of course

Your style in a nutshell: Urban, kind of sporty, a slim look

On Ennis: Hat, tank, and jeans from Brooklyn Industries, Converse shoes, Lenscrafters glasses

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Michelle, art dealer and gallery owner in Los Angeles

Favorite clothing shop: Creatures of Comfort

Your style in a nutshell: Comfortable, super comfortable, über comfortable

On Michelle: Sunglasses from a 99-cent store, NativeLA shirt, 1980s vintage hat, Opening Ceremony bag, $7 shoes from a store she has since forgotten the name of

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Buki (left), artist, and Ezra (right), illustrator

Favorite clothing shop: Buki loves online shopping, particularly Nasty Gal, and Ezra loves Belmont Army

Your style in a nutshell: Buki says her style is “urban, vintage,” and Ezra says, “I used to say I was ‘apocalyptic businessman,’ but I think I’m lighter now than I was then.”

On Buki: Nasty Gal shoes, Urban Eyecare sunglasses, Topshop bag, dress from a frock swap with friends

On Ezra: Shirt unknown, Paul Frank sunglasses (tucked into his shirt), Topshop pants, his dad’s favorite hat

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Rachel, manager at Brooklyn Industries, punk-rock musician

Favorite local clothing shop (other than Brooklyn Industries): Pitaya

Your style in a nutshell: Maybe not today, but I’m usually pretty punk-rock chic...I was also once described as a funky airline stewardess.

On Rachel: Brooklyn Industries dress, Ross shoes (a boutique in New Mexico), Target sunglasses, earrings gifted from her sister

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Aamna, MBA student at Indiana University

Favorite places to shop: Zara or Sephora

Your style in a nutshell: Sophisticated, hip, urban

On Aamna: Zara dress, Aerosoles shoes, Michael Kors bag, gifted necklace, bracelets from Pakistan

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