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Styling Athleisure Wear and Active Clothing

BY: Editors |

The better the clothes, the better the workout. This is a fact (probably). Whether you're about to climb a rock wall, do a headstand in yoga, or are simply lounging around the house, you're going to need to choose the right gear. But how to wear activewear, you ask? We've asked some expert opinions on how, where, and when to wear the different types of athleisure.

What is athleisure?

Before we could discuss how to choose activewear, first we had to figure out just what counts as athleisure wear. Tank tops? Athletic leggings? Both? Neither?

Activewear and athleisure can be different, but they are essentially comfy, quality workout clothes that keep you cool both figuratively and literally. And with their relaxed structure and flattering color accents, some workout clothes for women are so good-looking that wearers don them outside the gym.

Approved-activewear settings

Let's face it: we would wear leggings everywhere we could if it was deemed acceptable. Although this is partly subjective (aka you be the judge), we've listed places and situations where athleisure is okay.

  • the gym (duh)
  • grocery store
  • an airplane
  • low-key restaurant
  • at work (though it depends on your office)

Athleisure must haves

Choosing the right type of clothing is key to style and overall comfort. But, like any activewear, you must be very particular about your choices. Leggings that fade after one use or itchy tops just won't cut it. Here's a list of must-have athleisure pieces for your closet:

  • Comfy leggings. Black is a staple, but feel free to add some colored leggings to your collection as well. Bright colors like lilac, neon green, or aqua will draw attention whether you're running on the track or window shopping.
  • High-impact sports bra. Although your movement levels range depending on your daily activity, a supportive sports bra is a must.
  • Versatile gym shoes. Get a pair of exercise shoes that you'd wear in and out of the gym. Make sure they're breathable and that they're the right size. If you want more options, cop some fashion sneakers as well, which are just as comfortable but pack more style.
  • Lined running shorts. Summertime brings the heat. Stay cool, dry, and hip with a pair of running shorts. Most styles have shorts underneath that add an extra pop of color and add an overall slimming feature.
  • Basic layering tanks. Make sure to purchase a couple of cotton tank tops to throw on either alone or with a jacket. Aim for maximum comfort and moisture control for those extra hot days. Some tank tops even have an underwire bra attached.
  • Athletic jacket. Nothing screams athleisure more than a zip-up jacket. Ensure that you have one (or two) in your closet to throw on during all seasons.
  • Moisture-wicking socks. When it comes to activewear, no ordinary socks will do. You're going to need a pair that keeps your feet cool and odorless.

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