Summer Blockbuster Beauty: "The Lone Ranger"

BY: SARA TREMBLAY | 7.19.2013 |

Summer Blockbuster Beauty: © Stephanie Bassos, Groupon

Astride his white stallion, Silver, the Lone Ranger has ruled the American Old West for the past 80 years. And though he has galloped from radio airwaves onto television and movie screens, his outfit remains unchanged: a black mask worn above cool cowboy duds. These accessories lend an outlaw look to Armie Hammer in the current reboot by Gore Verbinski, but anyone can flaunt a similar mystique with the right tools. Below, hairstylist Lauren Sweenor and makeup artist Jen Brown teach us how to capture the Lone Ranger’s Western flair without applying your eyeliner on top of a moving train.

For Hair: A Western Twist on a Textured Braid

What You Need:

© Stephanie Bassos, Groupon

Blow dryer

Firm-hold hairspray

Hair tie or band

Molding wax

Sea-salt styling spray

Teasing brush

1) To evoke the gritty feel of the Old West, Lauren gave our model Kelly’s hair lots of texture. “If you don’t have a ton of texture in your hair naturally,” she said, “use some form of volumizing mousse or a sea-salt spray, such as Davines No.14 sea-salt primer. Then, blow-dry with no brush.”

2) Afterward, she pulled Kelly’s hair to one side and created a basic three-strand braid, securing the braid a little higher than normal with a hair band.

3) To add volume to the braid, Lauren loosened the strands by gently pulling them apart, being careful not to pull the strands completely out of the hair band.

4) To finish the look, Lauren tucked colorful feathers into the braid and wrapped a beaded headband—one of her homemade creations—around Kelly’s head.

For Makeup: A Smoky-Eye Disguise

What You Need:

© Stephanie Bassos, Groupon

Black and brown eyeshadows

Black gel eyeliner


Nude lip gloss

Nude lip pencil

Peach blush

Smudge eye brush or Q-tips

1) Inspired by the Lone Ranger’s mask, Jen gave Kelly dark, smoky eyes. To start, she swiped black eyeshadow across each eyelid.

2) Next, she applied a black gel eyeliner around each eye, smudging the liner into the lash line as she went.

3) She then gently blended a black eyeshadow over the smudged eyeliner.

4) Because smoky eyes can look severe on pale complexions, Jen softened the look with lighter eyeshadows. She added a soft brown eyeshadow to the crease of each eyelid, and dabbed a shimmer eyeshadow near each tear duct.

5) To balance the smoky eyes, Jen added “a soft contour to her cheeks, which you can do with a bronzer.” She finished the contour with a swipe of soft blush to the apples of Kelly’s cheeks.

6) Finally, Jen lined Kelly’s lips with a peachy-nude pencil, then completed the look with peachy-pink lip gloss.

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