Tailgating Gear: 9 Essential Items You Need This Season

BY: Editors | Jul 10, 2017

It's pretty much always football season. And football season means tailgates. Tailgating is a time-honored tradition in this country, considered more important in some circles than watching the actual game. To celebrate that tradition, we've rounded up the 9 essential tailgating gear items (and all with deals on Groupon) to help ensure your next pregame bash is a blowout victory.

Setting Up Your Tailgate Spot

First things first: the foundation of a good tailgate is the physical space it occupies. With these items, you can be sure your spot in the parking lot is comfortable, covered, and crowd-friendly.

1. Pop-up Tent

Not only does a good tailgating tent keep you protected from unpredictable fall weather, it also makes your party easy to spot among the endless rows of cars in the lot. Shop for your team with these NCAA tailgating tents from $139.99.

2. Collapsible Chairs

Tailgates are hours-long affairs, so you'll need to take a load off at some point. Shop for your team with this NCAA collapsible chair with built-in cup holders from $24.99.

3. Portable Table

Pull up that chair to a matching table to kick back, chat about the game, and marvel at your collection of fan gear. Shop for your team with this NCAA portable table from $62.99.

Bringing the Fun

A tailgate's not complete without some fun games and ways to pass the time until kickoff. Check out these picks for a dose of friendly competition and major-league fun.

4. Durable Bluetooth Speaker

There aren't many bigger bummers than trying to soundtrack a party using the small, tinny speakers on your phone. Pump up your tailgate jams with a Bluetooth speaker—and make sure you grab one that can stand up to damage from raindrops or spilled drinks. Buy this Jarv water-resistant Bluetooth speaker from $17.99.

5. Backyard Games

Games (aside from the one you're partying for) are college tailgate essentials —they're a given at any great tailgate. There's also a ton to choose from. The good news is that you can't really go wrong with any, so our suggestion is to find a handful for some variety. Shop for your team with this NFL tailgate-toss game from $79.99; buy this ladder-toss game for $36.99; buy this washer-toss game for $139.99.

6. Power Inverter

For those who'd rather sit back and watch the action, an inverter will be all but necessary—these can keep phones, laptops, and even a TV powered at your tailgate setup. Buy this tailgate inverter for $45.99.

Creating a Top-Notch Food Station

Have you ever been to a tailgate party that didn't have anything to eat or drink? No, you haven't, because those don't exist. Having tailgating gear for food prep is an absolute necessity here, so you'll need to be ready to keep everyone filled and happy. Before you make a run to the store, grab these Goods items.

7. Portable Grill

Things like cookies, chips, or veggies and dip have their place at a tailgate, but if you really want to up your food game, you'll need to do some grilling. Buy this portable grill for $40.99.

8. BBQ Tool Set

As long as you're filling that grill space with burgers, chicken, and shish-kabob fixings, you might as well show some team spirit while you're at it. Shop for your team with these NCAA barbecue-tool sets from $29.99.

9. One-Handed Serving Trays

Table space at a tailgate comes at a premium, and moving in and out of conversations doesn't make handling a plate of food any easier. A plate that holds your food, drink, and utensils while keeping a hand free is just what you need when it's time to eat. Buy this 3-pack of one-handed serving trays for $15.99.

BY: Editors