The Guide to Classic Cocktails

BY: Groupon Editors |Feb 19, 2016

We love a great cocktail as much as Hemingway loved to fight. And there's something magical about the greats—they're steeped in history and intrigue, and when prepared properly, are transformative works of art.

Below, we've taken a closer look at five of our favorites. Read on to learn how ol' Hemingway nearly ruined the daiquiri, why martinis should never be shaken, and to find out which cocktail was invented by royalty.

A Manhattan Is the Classic of Classic Cocktails

manhattan cocktail

No one knows for sure who invented it, and everyone has an opinion on how to make it. It's the cocktail that keeps people talking—and drinking.

The Truth About Daiquiris

what is a daiquiri

 If the word "daiquiri" makes you think of plastic cups and pink slush, you're already on the wrong track. A traditional daiquiri is actually much more elegant than that, and according to this writer, when done right it "is a revelation". 

Stop Shaking Your Martinis


Did you know that shaking a martini can both over-dilute and over-aerate the alcohol? Neither did James Bond. Here's why you should order it stirred, dry, and with gin, always gin. (Sorry, vodka.)

Everything You Need to Know About Old-Fashioneds

what is an old fashioned

Put down the muddler. Step away from the orange slices. You'd be doing this drink a disservice by making it any harder to, well, make, than necessary.

On Negronis

what is a negroni

DId you know the negroni was invented by an Italian count? Which makes drinking one the fastest way to be fancy. Click through to learn more about this bartender favorite.

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