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The Internet Knows Everything, Including How to Braid Hair

BY: Amelia Buzzell | Feb 11, 2014
The Internet Knows Everything, Including How to Braid Hair

These six online tutorials make fishtails and braid crowns easy to master, even without three hands.

From Cleopatra to Katniss, braids have proven to be a beautifully timeless hairstyle. And though braids might look intricate, don’t forget that it’s as simple as looping one strand over another ad nauseum. To master any plait, all you really need is stick-to-itiveness and an Internet connection—here are six online tutorials that break down some of the more baffling styles.

If All You Know Is a Basic Braid

Familiarize yourself with the fishtail technique with this GIF from She Lets Her Hair Down.

Then, try a rope braid, which How-To Hair Girl uses to create a twisted halo crown.

If You Like Your Hair a Little Disheveled

This half-up braided crown from A Cup of Jo blends in perfectly with tousled locks.

A French fishtail, courtesy of The Small Things Blog, adds some elegance to a messy bun.

If You’re Sad That Headbands Are on a Style Hiatus

The Beauty Department creates a similar effect with topsider braids that follow the hairline.

Or shape “bangs” using this across-the-forehead technique from The Freckled Fox.

If braiding is still too baffling, fear not, more and more hair salons are offering braiding.