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This Foot Mask Made My Feet Look Worse, Then Way, Way Better

BY: FAVIN THE MAVEN | 4.7.2014 |

This Foot Mask Made My Feet Look Worse, Then Way, Way BetterNever have I tried a beauty treatment so gross and wonderful at the same time.

A week or two ago, I took a 2-mile hike through McCormick Place for a couple beauty conventions. My feet were dead tired by the end of it, but luckily enough, I happened to learn about the foot treatment to end all foot treatments while there.

The product is called Baby Foot, and it’s a mask infused with fruit acids that are supposed to make dead skin peel off your feet like snake skin. I repeat. Your feet shed skin like a snake. There were pictures of the process at the convention booth. I was grossed out. I was intrigued. Needless to say, I bought them.

I’m about six days into the process, which can take as long as two weeks. But I couldn’t wait any longer to share my disgusting, amazing progress. Here’s how it’s been going so far.


Day 1: Application

This part was easy, if slightly uncomfortable. The inside of the plastic booties are coated with a gel that contains 17 natural extracts and fruit acids. When I first slipped the booties on, the gel felt cold and it squished between my toes. My feet warmed things up pretty quickly, though, so it wasn’t totally miserable. What was awful was the part where I totally bit it while walking to the bathroom. I suggest sitting still for the recommended hourlong application.


Day 4: The Peeling Begins

When I woke up, my feet were shedding like crazy. It felt strange to walk on them. They were covered in pockets of dead skin just begging to be picked. But the Baby Foot people very explicitly said to not pick the skin off and let the peeling happen naturally as the fruit enzymes do their work. I wasn’t very good at controlling myself, though, especially as I zoned out in front of an episode of True Detective. I had to vacuum the floor around my couch after the ep was over.

Day 5: Indecent Exposure

Amazingly, the shedding continued. Unfortunately, it was a warm day, and I got so excited about the weather that I forgot that my feet looked like they belonged on a corpse. So I wore flip-flops in public. With my boyfriend. At the Art Institute of Chicago.

Day 6:

I haven’t followed directions perfectly, but things are progressing well. The exfoliated areas, though strangely sensitive, are pink, beautiful, and really soft—seriously, like a baby’s feet. The process gets weird at times (like when the peely skin ruffles against your bed sheets), but it’s overall totally worth it. Here are a couple of final tips:

Wear socks all. the. time. Socks will warm your feet, which in turn boosts circulation and expedites the peeling process. They will also keep you from picking and spare the general public the sight of all the grossness.

Soak but don’t moisturize. The softening effects of water can also speed things up, but the oils in lotions can counteract the fruit acids.

Be patient. Not only does it take a few days for the peeling to start, but if your feet are very callused and dry you may have to do the process more than once. However, Baby Foot recommends you wait a month between attempts.

Photo: Favin Gebremariam, Groupon

Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven Favin the Maven