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How Do You Spend 5 Hours at a Day Spa? Toppers Spa/Salon Shows Us How

BY: Kate Raftery | Jun 17, 2016

A Walkthrough of a Toppers Day-Spa Experience

Toppers Spa/Salon is a spa network with locations sprinkled throughout the Philadelphia area, New Jersey, and Delaware. And, like any fine-tuned operation, it boasts a wonderfully detailed website that clues in prospective clients about what they can expect during their facial, mani-pedi, Swedish massage, or any number of other relaxing services.

Still, many first-timers—and even some veterans—approach their experience with some trepidation. A trip to this day spa should be among the most relaxing things they ever do, but they can’t help but wonder: What will I actually be doing the whole time? How do I move from service to service? How do all these treatments work together?

Together with Kali Biernbaum, Toppers’ sales and marketing manager, we’re going to answer those questions so that every spa-goer can feel as refreshed as possible. Below, she walked us through one of the spa’s ultra-pampering experiences, the five-hour Best Day Ever package.

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What happens when you first arrive at Toppers Spa/Salon?

Of course, Toppers has other packaged spa experiences and plenty of individual treatments available for booking. But the Best Day Ever package has a little bit of everything—a massage, a facial, salon services, even a meal.

Once guests check in for their reservation, they’re led to a locker room where they can change into a provided robe, put on sandals, and remove their makeup. They’re then directed to the relaxation lounge to indulge in snacks, flavored waters, and light-hearted gossip. Each location’s lounge has a different aesthetic. Some have a rustic European charm, while others are inspired by Asian zen. The spa at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino features tropical, Balinese-influenced decor.

A Walkthrough of a Toppers Day-Spa Experience_Lounge

From there, a spa technician fetches each client when they’re ready to begin a service.

Is there a particular order to the services in the Best Day Ever package?

“We do tend to like to end with the hair and makeup. We like to try and start with massage and facials because it’s a natural progression,” Kali said. “ … But it’s not a set thing. We just make sure that we get each of those services done in the time allotted.”

Can you enjoy the experience in a pair or a group?

Absolutely! The massage and facial are performed on an individual basis, but clients are entitled to enjoy everything else on their own or with friends or family members.

“Our nail services, hair services, and makeup—all of that can be done in the same room,” Kali said. “So there’s time for them to sit back, relax together. Also, in between each service, they’ll be in the lounge area together. So there’s a lot of time for them to connect if they are in a group.”

What can you expect from the massage?

The Best Day Ever package includes a Breathe In massage, for which the client chooses their favorite essential oil. The bottle might include essences of lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus or perhaps orange and sandalwood.

The service is best described as an aromatherapeutic Swedish massage. The therapist spends 60 minutes using long, gliding strokes to ease tense muscles and improve circulation and flexibility. Meanwhile, breathing in the essential oil aromas helps the client relax and invigorates their senses.

What does the facial do?

Relaxed clients may then move on to the 60-minute Preserve facial. Kali said the ultimate goal is “glowing, radiant skin,” which is achieved through deep cleansing, exfoliation, a targeted mask, a circulation-stimulating facial massage, and a hydrating moisturizing treatment. (The process is similar to that of a basic european facial.)

The targeted mask, however, allows the aesthetician to customize the facial to the client’s skin type and concerns. “It’s not a stock facial for the masses,” Kali added. “If someone tends to have a lot of dehydration, they can certainly address that. If someone has aging concerns and maybe more sun damage, that’s another area that we would focus on. Also acneic skin.”

A Walkthrough of a Toppers Day-Spa Experience_Facial

What exactly is a “wellness lunch”?

Now might be a good time to break for the included lunch—such extensive pampering somehow manages to leave you feeling famished. Each Toppers Spa/Salon location uses a different catering vendor, but every visitor will receive a light, fresh meal that they can enjoy alongside their spa-going partners.

“We’re promoting that healthy lifestyle,” Kali said. “So while you’re nourishing your body with spa services, we want to nourish you throughout the day with a healthy lunch.”

So guests shouldn’t expect mashed potatoes and gravy? “No, certainly not!” she laughed.

What happens in the salon portion of the day?

After the individual treatments are finished, the client heads to the communal salon for some beautifying services.

Manicure and pedicure

The Essential mani-pedi includes scrubbing, cuticle softening, and trimming, as well as soothing hot towels. The pedicure also features a scented foot soak or scrub. The nails are then polished with the guest’s choice of lacquer from salon favorites OPI, Essie, and Vinylux.

Makeup application and hairstyling

After a stylist shampoos and conditions the client’s hair, they can choose to get a haircut and style or a traditional blowout. The Woke Up Like This makeup application—not named after the Beyoncé refrain but certainly echoing its confidence—is perfect for those planning a night out.

Indeed, many guests specifically schedule their spa packages to coincide with a special event. Even if they didn’t originally have someplace to be, they may call up their SO or friends after a glimpse in the mirror.

We’ll kinda joke afterward and say, ‘Hey, you gotta go somewhere. Where are you going after this? You look amazing.’ [And they’ll say,] ‘You know, I don’t really have any plans, but I’m going to have to make some now,’” Kali said. “You feel too good when your hair and makeup is done like that. … Gotta be seen at that point!”

Are there take-home gifts, too?

The Best Day Ever continues even when the client returns home from the day spa. Here’s what they’re given to enjoy on their own time:

  • Bottle of essential oil from your massage
  • Nail file
  • Foot lotion
  • Specialty bath collection, including shower gel, loofah, and body lotion
  • Eye pillow, which can be heated or cooled
  • Aromatherapy candle

This little extra is another part of Toppers Spa/Salon’s efforts to restore balance and bliss to everyone’s lives now that time itself is a luxury. “They’re going to give us their time,” Kali said. “We’re promising not to waste it.”