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Unusual Pedicure Treatments at Tucson Nail Salons

BY: Editors | Jul 14, 2015
Unusual Pedicure Treatments at Tucson Nail Salons

It's probably impossible to name the best nail salon in Tucson. Tucson nail salons range from businesses dedicated only to prettying hands and feet to nail stations found in Tucson spas. But no matter the location, there's something the pedicures at every nail salon in the city have in common: pumice stones. A good pedicure begins with a thorough scrub from a pumice stone to remove calluses, dead skin, and any Lego bricks the customer stepped on. While the pumice stone may seem humble, even boring, in origin, it actually has a fascinating backstory.

Where It Comes From

The dull, blue-gray color of a pumice stone belies its fiery birthplace: the belly of a volcano. As lava is ejected from inside, where temperatures can climb higher than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, contact with cool air and water causes it to quickly solidify into pumice. The rapid pressure and temperature changes leave small air bubbles trapped within the stone, making it buoyant—the only rock that floats.

How It Works

In spas, hunks of pumice are ideal for providing a rough texture without a lot of weight, making them an easy-to-use tool for pedicurists. Nail techs first soak feet to soften calluses, then gently exfoliate them with the stone. The dead skin comes off with little pressure and no pain.

Nailcare Beyond the Pumice Stone

While you can get a pumice-stone treatment at practically any spa, here are a list of nail salons that do something extra special with their pedicures:

Casino Del Sol Resort Spa: The 50-minute Blooming Desert Foot Ritual is as complex as it sounds, with the highlight being the choice of a ginger, geranium, or jasmine mask to restore feet.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa: Affiliated with The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa, the olive-oil pedicure at this location is a luxurious way to leave feet smooth and coated in antioxidants found in the oil.

Nails-Go-Round: Gel polish lasts up to 14 days, and with 150 gel polishes on the racks, it would take more than five years to work your way through the entire rainbow of choices at this salon.

Final Touch Nails & Spa: The Relaxing Lavender pedicure is so called because of the soothing properties of the lavender scrub, but further relaxation comes from the complimentary hot-stone reflexology massage.

Greentoes: This eco-friendly salon pampers feet with its Slow Beauty pedicure, which begins with a breathing ritual to relax the mind and body and ends with an Amazonian white-clay mask to restore moisture to dry skin.