What's the Best Type of Comedy for Your Date?

BY: Groupon Editors |Nov 21, 2017

"Comedy is subjective," say those who have to explain their jokes. But if you're planning a date night, comedy needs to be sympatico. No matter where you're at in the relationship, scheduling a comedy night that's on both of your wavelengths—be it stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, or improv—can lead to second dates and even wedding invitations engraved with the perfect Mr. Show reference. So if you're looking for a place with a two-drink minimum and a romance maximum, this handy quiz will match you and your date with the type of comedy that'll lead to love.

Question #1: How long have you been dating?

A) Over a year. We've bought a bed and a dog, and we finish each other's limericks.

B) I literally just swiped right. Like, two seconds ago.

C) A few months. I'm this close to deleting my dating apps.

Question #2: How did you meet?

A) Online via poke or swipe or pinch or something

B) Textbook "Meet Cute," right down to the getting tangled in each other's dog leash

C) A friend set us up. No shame in it.

Question #3: You'd Kiss Your Date, But...

A) You really want to hear how their story ends first

B) You just did, and..

C) Not until the very end of the date!

Question #4: What is your date most likely to do during dinner?

A) Remark upon how weird the word "spoon" is, when you think about it

B) Ask the next table for a suggestion, then order off the menu

C) Ask for the check when ordering dessert so that it arrives right at the last bite of tiramisu

Question #5: What's your favorite catchphrase?

A) "I get no respect!"

B) "I don't use catchphrases!"

C) "It's just a flesh wound."

Question #6: The "Netflix" in Your "Netflix and Chill" is Usually…

A) Seinfeld

B) Whose Line is it Anyway?

C) Saturday Night Live

If you answered mostly "A"...

Your date night is: A stand-up comedy show

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You've got an independent streak, and yet you've found a fellow lone wolf who shares your wry, not-always-sunny disposition. Stand-up is a type of comedy that by nature an act of commiseration—perfect for a sarcastic pair of misanthropes who can laugh at their own pain when it's reflected in someone else's.

  • If You Live in New York: check out Dangerfield's, which Jerry Seinfeld calls "a museum of comedy," or head to New York Comedy Club to catch tomorrow's biggest stars

  • If You Live in Los Angeles: half of the world's top comics got their start at The Comedy Store. The Laugh Factory is equally dependable for nightly ha-has.

  • If You Live Anywhere Else: the storied Improv comedy chain has franchises throughout the U.S. (including Tempe, Tampa, Kansas City, and Denver) and never fails to supply top-tier national headliners.

If you answered mostly "B"...

Your date night is: An improv comedy show

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Improv, like romance, is about spontaneity. You and your date aren't looking for a tight, polished routine. You're ready to follow your heart until things get weird… and then keep going.

  • If You Live in Chicago: Lucky you! You're at Ground Zero for The Second City, the proving grounds of Bill Murray, Mike Myers, and too many SNL luminaries to count (it also has outposts in Toronto and L.A.)

  • If You Live Anywhere Else: Almost every major city boasts a ComedySportz team delivering off-the-cuff punchlines on a nightly basis.

If you answered mostly "C"...

Your Date Night Is: A Sketch Comedy Show

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You're a pair of fully fleshed-out characters who seem to exist in a world apart. Yet you remain true to yourselves no matter how wacky circumstances get. You thrive amid the absurdity of sketch comedy.

  • If You Live in Chicago: The city's annual Sketchfest brings dozens of troupes to your doorstep every January.

  • If You Live Anywhere Else: consider a weekend getaway to Canada's annual Vancouver Comedy Sketch Fest or The Groundlings in L.A., which gave birth to Pee Wee Herman and Austin Powers, among others.

This article was originally written by staff writer Roy Ivy and has been modified from its original version.