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4 Types of Engagement Rings, Based on Your Personality

BY: Editors | Dec 6, 2017

Diamonds are forever—and so is your engagement ring. Sure, it may be tradition that your partner chooses a ring to propose with. And while that's terribly sweet, let's get one thing straight: They're not the one who has to wear it. So before you start bookmarking pages on their laptop or tagging them in Instagram posts, first figure out which engagement ring is a fit with your personality.

1. Solitaire Ring

Solitaire rings have a round diamond on a simple (typically plain metal) band and are the most popular choice for an engagement ring.

Why choose it? If you like all things classic, this is your best choice. Solitaire rings are traditional; they're the kind of jewelry that comes to mind when people hear the word "engagement."

Three words to describe you: simple, elegant, sophisticated
Celebrity inspiration: Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington

Pros: never goes out of style, typically affordable
Cons: extremely common choice, you may want to upgrade it years down the road

2. Halo Ring

A halo ring has diamonds surrounding the center diamond in a circle of light that add sparkle and make it appear larger.

Why choose it? If you want your ring to scream "I'M ENGAGED" opt for the halo style. Plus, if you stand in the right position, you could quite literally light up a room.

Three words to describe you: glamorous, captivating, fancy
Celebrity inspiration: Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey

Pros: will catch anyone's eye, will make you look lavish even if you're wearing sweatpants
could be bulky, might break through rubber gloves (which is kind of cool)

3. Non-Traditional Ring

Non-traditional rings vary in overall style, size, cut and color.

Why choose it? You're not here to buy into the archaic concept of engagement rings but still want something pretty on your finger.

Three words to describe you: unique, quirky, modern
Celebrity inspiration: Rihanna, Tilda Swinton, Gwen Stefani

Pros: you can find something that's 100 percent you, gems are rare and interesting
mom might be mad, people may not be able to tell if you're actually engaged/married (not necessarily a bad thing)

4. Vintage Ring

The style of a vintage engagement ring incorporates intricate designs, dainty bands, and antique patterns.

Why choose them? Vintage rings have a lot of character, and most cannot be replicated today. Plus, vintage rings don't require mining or labor so you won't be making an environmental impact.

Three words to describe you: retro, classic, romantic
Celebrity inspiration: Dita Von Tese, Amal Clooney, Adele

Pros: can be one of a kind, may have historical or family significance, usually are less expensive than modern rings
Cons: older rings may not have much monetary value, they can be hard/impossible to upgrade