A Handbag for 5 Different Occasions

BY: Editors |Sep 21, 2018

Do you actually need more than one handbag? Of course you do! 

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You change your clothes and shoes every day, sometimes more frequently than that. So it only makes sense that you would have more than one handbag. Each day (and night) is different, so finding the right handbag for an event is crucial to feeling confident. Here are five different handbags for five different occasions.


Best for Everyday Life

Let's be honest: Everyone needs their go-to bag for the necessary items like phone, wallet, planner, pens, gum, various snacks, etc. For daily life, opt for a laid-back satchel or crossbody bag. Inside the spacious bag, there are compartments to help keep you organized. Or, more realistically, it can be a jumbled mess of lipsticks and half-eaten packs of gum, and no one will know.

Life hack: Crossbody bags particularly come in handy at music festivals and concerts because they will stay close to you even if you're getting down to some tunes.

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Best for Weekend Events

The slouchy hobo is perennially in season. It can carry just about everything you need (or don't need) so you can enjoy your weekends to the fullest. So don't just bring the one lipstick, throw several shades to cater to any mood. Go crazy.

Life hack: Stock this bag full of candy and drinks before you go see a movie or visit your nieces and nephews.

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Best for Work

Backpacks aren't just for kids anymore. A soft, leather backpack or one with funky details is more grown up than filing your tax returns in January. Plus, it's easy to carry anything you need, like your laptop, packed lunch, or comfy commuter shoes.

Life hack: Backpacks distribute weight so it takes the stress off of your neck and shoulders.

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Best for On the Go

It doesn't matter if you're taking a one day trip or a lengthy excursion, you should take the motto "be prepared" very seriously, and so should your bag. A tote is roomy enough for everything you need, and it comes in every style, from sleek to sporty to casual..

Life hack: A tote can fit several full bottles of wine. This is just a fact.

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Best for a Night Out

Leave your bulky bags at home if you're hitting the town. Use a clutch if you're going to a party, a bar, or a first date—really, anytime you get dressed up. Clutches only allow room for the things you'll definitely need so you won't be weighed down throughout the evening.

Life hack: Opt for a wristlet so it's harder to lose or forget, especially after a couple of cocktails.

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